The unconscious mind and the Entered Apprentice sacred word

In the field of hypnosis with therapeutic purposes, Minton H. Erickson -one of its principals exponents- postulated as a basic concept that every human being posses the necessary resources to solve his troubles, the ones that lay on his own history and past experience. Right before a trouble -he said- there is a solution lying inside ourselves.

According to him, a human being has two minds forming a unity: the conscious and unconscious mind. Conscious mind is the one that let us realize about our environment, analyze, reasoning, make judgments, understand what is possible to do and what is not. Unconscious mind on the other side, is formed by experiences, learning, impulses, motivations and needs, and is more flexible and open to the possibility of symbolic interpretation.

Furthermore, these concepts are relate to the cerebral hemispheres, so the left or dominant one, is in charge of the logic and analytic reasoning, and the right one or non dominant belongs to the unconscious mind that possess intuition and creativity.

In his book "You Forever", Lobsang Rampa, says that human being is formed by a tiny person that loves to control and be the master, and for another one that looks like a kind giant that lacks of power to reasoning, named unconscious, and keeps all the things lived by a person, like a library or memory bank.

On the other side, but on the same direction, one of the seven Hermetic principles contained in The Kybalion says that generation exist anywhere, everything has a masculine and feminine principle, generation manifest in all, including the mind. The masculine principle belongs to the so called objective, conscious, active or voluntary mind, while the feminine principle belongs to the subjective, unconscious or passive mind.

Under this Hermetic approach, the tendency of the feminine principle -ME- is always to receive impressions, while the other one -I- is to give or express them. Feminine principle leads to the task of generate new thoughts, concepts, ideas, including the work of imagination. Masculine resign with the act of longing, however without its participation, the other one just generate mental images that are captured from the outside, instead of produce original mental creations.

Moreover, mentions that in suggestion and hypnotism, vibratory energy of the masculine principle is projecting, leading an energy stream or vibratory power to the other's person feminine principle, and this one absorb this thought and let him develop and grow it in his interior.

The coincidences between one or another approach to the human being's nature is not only amazing and satisfactory, but reveals that in the end, reality is only one, and let us find a sense to the Word given to the Entered Apprentice, because its meaning, under this context, reveals the potential and energy that lays in his interior, and that must be understood as a source that provides raw material, as a valuable processor of the information that is revealed through the Masonic symbolism.

The Word give us the chance to understand why the beauty column belongs to the apprentices, as long as it represents the passive or feminine principle and tell us that in this grade, he must use his intuition -more than his reason - as a mechanism to learn and decode the first lessons, taking into account that because his age, does not posses and cannot process or assimilate the information that is aimed to the reasoning or masculine o conscious aspect, and tell us that his questionings will be answered if he looks inside himself.

This is the column that supports him while he learns to crawl, the one that allow him to understand without having to appeal to the reason, and grants him that something that can be define as an undeniable sensation of confidence, the ability to have a premonition of the truth.

November 19, 2003

Q:.H:. Miguel de Pomar