Freedom to Grow

According to a legend, an ancient Cherokee was explaining his grandson about the fight between two wolfs living in his interior. One of them was a diabolic, furious, lusty, liar, vain, thief and killer, while the other was a good, pacific, lovely, calm, humble, generous, merciful and honest.

The boy, after doing some thinking, asked his grandfather: And who will be the winner?

Grandpa just said:

The one that I decide to feed.

Like the fact that it is possible to see the moonlight on a starry night because of the sun, our grow as Franc masons can be reach only if we have complete freedom.

Freedom that did not mean -of course- a passport to act according to our conveniences, passions and illusions, because this behavior is to the concept we are talking about, like the fire is to the ice, considering that it represents the mayor slavery, that take place on his own hands.

Freedom that is not a chance to interfere neither with the order of the universe nor with the plan that was traced for humanity as a whole and for each and every person that are part of it, in particular.

Freedom then represents a treasure in terms of being a tool -perhaps the most important one- that let us be in the world, without belong to the world.

Arriving to this point, a word must be said regarding the fact that are circumstances that escape our control because they have nothing to do with our own decisions. Even or especially in this situations, our condition of Freemasons, will let us decide who is the wolf that is going to prevail, because it is in us in every moment, to choose the one to feed. Putting this in another words: Among the two poles of our mental states or moods, lets take the one that flows with nature, the positive and creative one, let's choose to live and not to die.

This legend is also generous because it reveals us and additional lesson that could be conceptualized in this manner:

A wolf, like any other living creature, has a life cycle, starting as an undefended being, small and fragile, and step by step as time goes by, grows and become stronger and healthy, but only if he had the chance to have proper nutrition, because if it's not the case he will get weak.

Under this notion, we have to employ science and virtue to feed our inner wolf day by day. He will take us to reach the truth we are craving for, and furthermore, he will serve to prevent the other wolf, the one who is dominated by negative habits, destructive passions, and illusions, from ruling our existence.

May 19, 2003

Q:.H:. Miguel de Pomar