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13th Feb 2012

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14th May 1999

Our next Meeting is;
Monday 20th February 2012
Start at 7.00pm.
We will be demonstrating a Third Degree.

Brethren of Legion Lodge: There will be an interview meeting and a coach for a 3rd Degree on Monday, 13th February at 7.00pm. All Officers should attend.

This is our Lodge Logo. It is based upon the poppy, the symbol of remembrance A warm welcome to the web-site of Legion Lodge of Freemasons. Our aim is to give an insight into how Freemasonry is practised in one lodge by looking at our past, our present and attempting to glimpse into our future. Legion Lodge is No 8634 on the roll of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) and is one of approximately 180 lodges which make up the Province of Northumberland. We have a modest membership which we are actively expanding, and we meet in Jesmond, in the City of Newcastle upon Tyne. We enjoy our Masonry in Legion Lodge and I hope that this comes across in the pages that follow.

In the Links section, you will find new links to sites including an excellent Masonic Lecture/Talk service and a Masonic Regalia & Furnishings store for all your Regalia & Lodge Furnishing needs.

Please also take a look at an excellent Masonic related feature from the secretary of La Plata Lodge in Argentina, (Link included in the links section - You can use the Microsoft translator if needed).
You may have heard of the apparent Masonic aligned roadways built into Washington DC's city layout. The same can be said of La Plata. Take a look and judge for yourself.

These are our standard pages with information about the lodge

The content of the pages listed below will change every now and then as new items
of news happens.

Conceived in a Lounge Bar

Just where was the idea to found Legion Lodge thought of? Surely not in a bar, even if it was the "posh end". They wouldn't, .... would they? They didn't, ..... did they? This just cannot be true of our Worthy Founders or can it? Find out at this page

All the latest scandal? Perhaps not.

See what we are up to month by month in our news section. Or catch up via the digest.

"Geordies" and "Makems"

Find out about our link with Lodge of Loyalty in the Land of the Makems

Links Page

This page details many links to masonic and non-masonic organisations.

The Consecration was a "Scorcher"

Did we really try to "toast" our visitors on this, our most important day? Find out why the Fire Brigade were involved and what happened to the visitor who went missing. How did the 80 year old PGM manage
on what was the hottest day of the year?

Visitor? Or do you want to know more?

Are you a visiting brother who would like to visit one night? Or are you a non-mason who wants to know more, perhaps with a view to joining? Then visit this page. There is a map available to help you find the Masonic Hall.

Some Interesting Characters

Read a fascinating character study of two former members. Also read about the Poppy and how it became linked to Remembrance.


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