The United Great Priory in New Zealand
De Molay Preceptory No. 2
Coat of Arms


Armorial Bearings - tierced in pairle, gules three fleur de lis or, argent a pile and faggots proper, azure the Southern Cross argent.

Mantling - gules and argent

Crest - on a wreath of the colours, in front of flames, issuant thereof a phoenix proper.
Motto -Ex seipso renascens (born again from its own ashes)

The description of the Coat-of-Arms  is as follows:

Tierced in pairle  or divided into three parts, representing the Blessed Trinity. God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in whom all Knights of the Temple must believe.
Red, white and blue are the colours of both the French and New Zealand flags.
The gold fleur de lis represent France, the country of Jacques De Molay’s birth. The red field is for the fiery death he suffered at the hands of his countrymen.
The pile and faggots are those on which he died. The white field is for innocence. His innocence of the crimes of which he was charged.
The phoenix is a mythological bird which, on reaching maturity, dies by fire and is reborn from it’s own ashes. Jacques De Molay also died by fire but was reborn as this Preceptory in New Zealand here represented by the Southern Cross on a blue field.
The motto “Ex seipso renascens” (born again from it's own ashes) speaks for itself. 

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