The United Great Priory in New Zealand

The District Grand Prior

The District Grand Sub-Prior

  R.Em.Kt. B. Cliff, KCT   Em.Kt. D. Craddock, P.G.Chamb.
  26 San Valentino Drive   P O Box 84 028
  Palm Heights, Henderson 1008   Massey North
  New Zealand    
  Ph 64-9-837-5454   Ph 64-9-309-8640

The Past District Grand Priors

  M.Em.Kt. J.F.Y. Schischka, M.B.E., VRD*, GCT (Deceased)
  R.Em.Kt. C. Williams, KCT (Deceased)
  R.Em.Kt. D.B. Foote, KCT (Deceased)
  R.Em.Kt. I.R. Souster, KCT, V.High & R.Em.G.Sen.
  R.Em.Kt. R.J. Lane, P.D.G.P.