The United Great Priory in New Zealand

R.Em.Kt. Peter Shapcott, CK, KCT, G.Sec.

Personal History of Peter John Shapcott:

Born 1928 in Rochester, Kent, later moved to Fareham, near Portsmouth.
Married Vera Chance 11th September 1954.
Came to New Zealand 1956. Worked in the gas industry in Auckland.
Design Engineer in industrial gas equipment.
Associate Member of the New Zealand Institute of Gas Engineers.
Registered Tertiary Institute Tutor.
Officially Retired 1992. Employed part time as Tutor until 1995.


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Masonic Profile


  Initiated   Lodge Te Atatu No.414 1st October 1963
  Passed    19th March 1964
  Raised    4th August 1964
  Master   2nd March 1976
  Joined    The Pakuranga Lodge No.416 April 1992
  Secretary    April 1993
  Roll of Honour   27th November 1998
  Secretary Auckland East District 15th October 2000
  Advanced Karangahape RAC No. 69  28th February 1966
  Acknowledged   11th May 1966
  Exalted   26th September 1966
  Third Principal    28th August 1978
  Second Principal   20th August 1979
  Organist  Howick RAC No.101  13th November 1997
  Super Ex. Master Akarana Council No. 58  29th July1968


  Knight Templar Southern Cross Preceptory 20th June 1969
  Knight of Malta   30th September 1969
  Crusader Knight De Molay Preceptory No. 2  9th March 1990
  Preceptor (Venerable Knight) 15th November 1991
  Preceptor   20th November 1992
  District Grand Sword Bearer  25th February 1995
  District Grand Chancellor 18th April 1996
  Heraldic Advisor to Grand Master’s Council  18th April 1996
  District Grand Registrar   20th April 1997
  Past Grand Warden of Regalia  (Eminent Knight) 20th March 1998
  Grand Secretary (Very Eminent Knight)  19th March 1999
  Knight Commander of the Temple 21st November 2002
Note: Crusader Knight is the equivalent to a Roll of Honour in a Craft Lodge.
Preceptor is the equivalent to Master of a Lodge.


Secretary : Southern Cross Preceptory 19 years
  De Molay Preceptory No.2  17 years (to date)
  Auckland Masonic Almoners Association 3 years
  The Pakuranga Lodge No.416 10 years (to date)
  Knights Templar (Grand Secretary)  4 years (to date)
  Auckland East District  19 months (to date)
Treasurer Lodge Te Atatu No.414 9 years
  Occasional Organist: Various Preceptories and Lodges over many years