Knickerbocker Golf Outing 2004

    When you were up at the Traubenfest, in the Whitestone Masonic Hall or walking through the entrance of the Grand Lodge at 23rd street you saw the signs, now here is the story.

Question : What do 39 players, 25 sponsors and 7 Brothers of Knickerbocker Lodge have in common?
Answer: The Knickerbocker Lodge's First Annual Golf Outing.
 On October 16th, in beautiful weather, Dyker Beach Golf Course in Brooklyn's Club House came alive with the sound of  registration  about 9:00 AM as the Brothers of Knickerbocker under the Unicorn flag and the direction of event chairman Bro. Mario Labot  , Bro Ricardo Leiva and Bro.Chris Reyes registered the incoming players and issued them their golf caps. At 10:00 AM  after words of encouragement by Bro. Max Madredejos , The men and women jumped into their golf carts and were off, followed by Knickerbocker's Worshipful Master Jonathan Blausten heading to his strategic location at the fourth hole assisted by our Tyler Bro. Steve Gross  to watch the green for the potential  $25,000.00 hole in one prize. Some came very close!
      After a light lunch of Hot Dogs and Coke (or Beer) and the afternoon went quickly and at the clubhouse the presentation dinner was being set upinder the watchful eye of W:. Steve Schwartz . About  5 Pm the players started their Buffet dinner.  After Dinner by the fireplace by the Lodge's Banner event chairman Bro. Mario Labot assisted by R:.W:. Alfred Dais [Jr. Grand Deacon] and W:. Jonathan Blausten presented the dozen trophies to winners in their respective categories.
The Players and Sponsors:
About three quarters of the players were Brothers within Manhattan Masonic Districts including the Noble Ninth . At the Tournament, members of the 9th, their families and businesses comprised about one quarter of the sponsors.