Lodge No. 342

        F.& A.M.


Clay Stahlka, P.M.

Worshipful Master




Dave York, P.M.




Greetings Brothers and friends of Home Lodge!

It is, indeed, a happy and fulfilling time for all of us from Home Lodge #342.  We all would like you to join with us in our exuberance and excitement as we all join hands with the brothers of Summit City Lodge #170 and become one Lodge.


I will begin this months article by bringing everyone up to speed in the process.  At our February stated meeting we brought the much-publicized question of consolidation to the floor.  According to all the instructions of our Most Worshipful Master, Duane Vaught and according to the Blue Book of Masonic Law, our vote was held.  The paraphrased question was whether Home Lodge would consolidate with Summit City Lodge.  The question passed unanimously and with nary a comment from those in attendance.


Home Lodge has now forwarded the information to Grand Lodge for final approval.  At this point, it is understood that Home Lodge may hold one more meeting, pending the timeliness of the written formalities from Indianapolis.  That meeting would be held on the 2nd Tuesday of March.  However, it may come to pass that Grand Master Vaught orders the consolidation to be effective immediately.  If that is the case, Home Lodge becomes a part of Summit City Lodge and meets hereafter on the 1st Wednesday of each month at the corner of Portage and Taylor in Fort Wayne.  Please check with one of us if you plan on attending to be certain of the meeting date and time for March.


I will now move on to the other business of the month.


First, I am very pleased to report that brother Joe Haines’ wife Kathy had her brain surgery and everything came out successfully.  She is doing very well and Joe passed their thanks for all the cards and prayers received.


Next, I report with sadness the passing of the sister of brothers Tom and Dave York.  After suffering with complications from her diabetes for some time, she is in a better place now.  Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to Tom, Dave and the whole family.


Also, it was wonderful to hear that brother Mike Calhoun’s mother is doing extremely well after knee replacement surgery.  That is great news.


We received a very nice letter from the daughter of brother Colonel Sarles.  She reported that her father has had health problems, and although our new meeting location is only a couple blocks from their home, he will not be able to attend due to his health.  I ask that you keep brother Sarles in your thoughts and prayers that he may one day soon be able to join us in our new home.


Thanks to Brother Tom York for a fantastic meal this past month.  His chicken and noodles recipe was one for the ages.  I must say that it was one of the best tasting dinners that we have had at Home Lodge and it could not have been more timely, with the blustery weather and rough driving conditions of the evening.

The status of Home Lodge’s gift of the LED Signage for our new home at Summit City Lodge is proceeding.  There are a few zoning issues that are being taken care of by legal council, but the project is on track and will be a nice legacy and remembrance of Home Lodge #342 and all those brothers who gave of themselves to be a part of our history.  By the time the weather breaks, we should be able to start on the installation of the sign and associated landscaping improvements.


It was good to have brother Nick Young and brother Don Clark in attendance.  Thanks so much for your show of support.  We all hope to see much more of you both in the future.


Finally, thank you to all the officers and regulars who have stuck with us through the past year or so.  Brothers Dave and Tom York, Jay Young, Mike Calhoun, Joe Haines, Gene Evans, Jim Coleman, Jerry Young and Bill Truesdale.  It has been trying and sometimes frustrating.  We have stayed together and saw our vision become reality.  We all can rest comfortably knowing that we have a wonderful future in Masonry for our valued brothers, our future and for ourselves.  It has been my honor and my pleasure to sit in the East and represent Home Lodge #342 through this time.  I thank everyone for your help and for your faith and confidence in me during my time there.


Summit City Lodge #170 has the next stated meeting on March 5th.  If you need a ride, call us.  Please come and be a part of a lodge that is raising brothers, active in our community and making Masonry what it is really all about.  Again, our next Home Lodge meeting is tentatively scheduled for March 11th, unless ordered otherwise by Grand Lodge.  As always, we hope you will join us for dinner at 6:30 PM and stay for the stated meeting at 7:30 PM.  This will likely be the last official meeting of Home Lodge #342 as it was.  Check with one of us before you come, just to make sure.  Either way, please get into the habit of joining us as a part of Summit City Lodge.


Well see you all at lodge!  Check out our website [www.mastermason.com/home342] for the latest information.  In the meantime, continue to keep all of our troops in your prayers and God Bless America.


Clay Stahlka, P.M.