George Washington National Masonic Memorial

June 2007 - pictures taken by Bro. Lee Spach

Square and Compasses


Columns again

Me and Kids in front of S&C

Top of Memorial

Note the keystone shaped interlocking ornaments on the top

Front of Memorial

Alexandria, VA

Picture taken from front steps of memorial looking back towards the town

Wall Inscription

Right side inscription as you enter the memorial

Wall Inscription

Left side inscription as you enter the memorial

George Washington

The walls of the memorial are painted with beautiful scenes. This one shows GW entering Congress

Andrew Jackson Lodge

The Lodge is located within the memorial and this is a picture of the plaque showing their meeting dates etc...

Theater Entrance

Also located within the memorial is an auditorium with stadium style seating. The lights were off so I could not get a picture inside. Interesting note is that just a few days prior to our visit they had filed scenes in there for National Treasure 2.

President James Polk Apron

11th President of the USA who was born in Mecklenburg County, NC

Royal Arch Apron

Commandry Apron

Reed Plaque

Photo of Reed

Uknown Mason

Many oil paintings hang in the memorial depicting various Masonic people and scenes

Uknown Title

Oil Painting

Albert Pike

Oil Painting

Benjamin Franklin

Oil Painting

High Twelve Club

King Solomon

Oil Painting

Hiram King of Tyre

Oil Painting

Hiram Abiff

Oil Painting

Operative Mason

Oil Painting


Oil Painting

Knight Templar

Oil Painting

Unknown Title

Geaorge Washington

Oil Painting

Watres Bust

Past President of the George Washinngton Memorial Association