Officers being introduced by Installing Officer and receiving duties for holding office

2008 Officers take oath of office

Worshipful Master Elect

Worshipful Brother David Abernethy receiving office charge from the installing officer

Worsphipful Master Elect

Attending prayer

Worshipful Master, David Abernethy being installed

Installing Officer presenting working tools to the newly installed Master

Past Master delivering the "Charter" to the new Master

Receiving the "Charter" from outgoing the Worshipful Master

Senior Warden, Richard Rozzelle being installed

Junior Warden, Dan Rolon being installed

Treasurer, Buz Hunley being installed

Secretary, Kevin Johnson being installed

Senior Deacon, Lee Spach being installed

Junior Deacon, James Johnson being installed

Chaplain, James Hope being installed

Tyler, Robert Bickel being installed

Past Master, Dr. Grimes Byerly being pinned with his Past Masters pin by his wife, Patty

Past Master Byerly receiving a plaque from the Lodge for his outstanding leadership

Worshipful Master David Abernethy being pinned with the pin of office by his wife, Sharon

Worshipful Master Abernethy addressing the Brethren and guests

Officers for 2008