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  Bethel 27 Calendar page

What Job's Daughters is...
It is an organization for young women between the ages of 10 and 20
who are related to a Master Mason.
It prepares young women for civic, business, fraternal and social activities.
It teaches love of country and obedience to its laws.
It teaches respect for parents and elders.
It teaches love of home.

What Job's Daughters is...NOT
It is not a religion or creed.
It is not a political organization.
It is not a charity organization.
It is not organized for profit.
It does not dictate to any member as to her beliefs, either religious or secular.
It is not a secret society as it does not conceal its existence.

1st and 3rd Wednesdays for our Regular Meetings. We are dark in July and August but like to use those dates for practices.

Other dates (more will be coming when the girls figure out fundraisers and promotional activities):

I think December 17th has already been requested for our next Installation too.