About the Masonic Fraternity


     The Masonic fraternity is the oldest, largest and most widely known fraternal organization in the world. Members of the Masonic fraternity come from virtually every occupation and profession, - from all stations in life. All masons meet on an equal basis as friends, regardless of income, political ideology, or religious belief. All are patriotic citizens and all have a belief in a Supreme Being.

     One of the customs of Freemasonry is that they do not solicit members, one must ask a Mason for a petition for membership. When a man petitions a lodge, it is of his own free will and accord. The requirements for each petitioner is that he be at least 19 (nineteen) years old, and be of good moral character, recommended by two members of a Masonic Lodge, and have a belief in a Supreme Being. He must pass a unanimous ballot of the Lodge.

     If you seek a more meaningful quality of life- and the spirit of charity and good fellowship which flow from it- then Freemasonry has much to offer. If the nature of man’s existence and your obligations to God, your Family and to yourself, if these hold little interest for you then you will gain very little benefit from the teachings of the craft.

     We want you to know what we believe, how we act, and what we do… . . . and then should you become a Mason, to be proud to be our Brother and to participate in our work. Only those who desire membership because of their favorable impression of us should seek to ask for a petition.

     Many of our leaders have been members of the Fraternity, fourteen United States Presidents have been proud to be counted as Masons, as well as many Congressman, Senators, Governors. The list could continue with captains of industry, astronauts, poets, and many other famous and historical figures.

     Freemasonry has been characterized as a fraternity devoted to high ideals and admirable benevolence. Community service and charitable work are in fact principal Masonic activities. Masonry was founded on the principles of brotherly love, relief, and truth, and takes seriously its responsibility to help others.

     Masonic organizations support a wide range of charities, some are statewide, and some are national foundations. These include areas of research, teaching, and treatment or rehabilitation services for children with learning or speech disorders. Cancer, visual problems, dental needs, also they support Ohio Special Olympics. The list is a large one ranging in many other areas, such as schizophrenic research, the Knights Templer Eye Foundation; muscular dystrophy also receives notice.

     One of the most recognized charitable areas are the Shrine Masons crippled children’s hospitals and the three burns institutes, one of them right here in Cincinnati, Ohio. Many do not realize that the children in these facilities are not charged for these life saving services, and are taken care of for many years for no fee. These hospitals also do valuable research.

     Altogether, the monies spent on charitable services, by Masonic organizations here in the United States alone average over TWO MILLION dollars PER DAY!!!!

     These acts of kindness are done without regard of Masonic affiliation, race creed or color. ALL the monies used are from donations by the members of the Masonic family of organizations. With so much generosity of spirit, is it any wonder that men from all walks of life can get together and work so hard for these worthy causes and in the process become the very best of friends?

     Masonry also has something for our ladies and our children. The Order of the Eastern Star, and ladies white shrine for the ladies, and Rainbow for girls, and The International Order of Job’s Daughters for young ladies, and Demolay for the boys. Job’s Daughters is the only Masonic youth organization that requires a member to have some kind of Masonic affiliation in her background…. . . , an uncle, cousin, grandfather. . . etc. Each lodge will also have events and programs for the family.

     The purpose of the Ancient Craft of Freemasonry is to unfold a message where "truth abides in fullness," invoking greater understanding of the inward life and a spirit of fellowship in which every Mason can also lead a better outward life.

     Freemasonry is many things, but most of all, Freemasonry is a Way of Life.  For more information, contact any Mason you know or a Masonic Lodge in your area, or you may call 1-800-292-6092.

You may also E-Mail any of the officers from Hanselmann Commandery's  website.

You can also write to;

The Grand Lodge of F. & A. M. of Ohio              Phone: 1-(614) 885-5318
P.O. Box 629                                                        Fax # : 1-(614) 885-5319
Worthington, Ohio 43085-0629

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