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     Hello everybody!  Welcome to the new cyber-home of Hanselmann Commandery No. 16 - Knights Templar.  We are located in the "Queen City" of Cincinnati, Ohio.  This is the OFFICIAL website of Hanselmann Commandery. 

     We may be one of the first Commanderies in the State of Ohio to have a site.  We hope you enjoy your visit here.  Stop back often, we will be growing quite a bit in the coming months.   We are just getting started, our sleeves have been rolled up and we are raring to go!

     Why a website?

     Good question. 
     Times have changed, technology now allows us to communicate with our friends and Brothers around the world in practically the blink of an eye.   We can correspond with each other in seconds instead of the 3-14 days it takes to mail a letter around the globe.  The Internet allows us to reach more of our members that live out of town, and make them feel more a part of their Commandery, by bringing news and events a little closer to them with access anytime!  The comments and pictures of the members can give them a better familiarity with the Officers in charge, and hopefully make them feel less detached not being able to attend meetings.

     Another benefit is, that it gives our Brother Masons a chance to see a part of the York Rite side of Freemasonry they may not get a chance to see.  While most recognize the Royal Arch, and see them often, the Knights Templar may only be seen while posting Colors.   We are also Masons, and as such are representatives of Freemasonry. 

     We hope to show everyone just how much fun Templar Masonry is.  So stop back often and don't be afraid to leave us your comments, either in our Guest-book or through email.  We WANT to HEAR from YOU!!!!!!

     So take care, and God Bless. 

Michael Ark Retherford - Webmaster for the "Hanselmann Cross"

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