For the Record . . .
Remarks from the Recorder- Donald G. Rottert PC

March 2001

Dear Sir Knights,

Dues, Dues, Dues, Dues, Dues, Dues, Dues

The end of the Commandery fiscal year is quickly approaching; two things come to mind. The first is Dues. Notices for 2001/2002 will be going out in the May bulletin. Please check you dues card; even if you just paid dues, as of the first meeting on June 2001 your card should read "paid until June of 2002."

Line Officers, Line Officers, Line Officers

     The second thing on my mind is Line Officers. We need help in this area. It seems that over the last 5 years there has been a mad scramble to get the Officers in the West together. Now, 10 years ago we had 5 people run for Standard Bearer. Things have changed dramatically. So if you looking for a way to help the Commandery, this is one way. Please contact any officer or Past commander.

Stage Crew, Stage Crew, Stage Crew, Stage Crew

We are also looking for a few good men to help with the Stage Crew. It seems over the last couple of years we have lost many members of the Stage Crew for a number of reasons -- personal or family health, over-committed, or being burned out. If you would like to help the Commandery,  the Stage Crew is another great way to do this. You can learn a learn a lot about all three orders we put on. The Stage Crew is the most important part of all three orders and we need to get it back together. Please contact me at home at 513.467.9814 or at work at 888.737.0033.

Please contact me if you need assistance in paying your dues.

Call me to see your announcement in the bulletin or here on the website, or both! ~


Till next time, in Christian Knighthood

                                                                 Donald Rottert PC, Recorder

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