Minutes of the MTA Business meeting February 3, 2003

Members in attendance:  J.R. Latta, Scott Wasson, Bill Snell, Christopher Billups, Butch Green, Marie Wells, Dave Ward.

Visitors in attendance:  Zona Burkhead

J.R. called the meeting to order at 6:20 p.m.

J.R. read over his notes from the last meeting in the absence of the minutes.

J.R. brought up that we have invited Mark Schlippman down from Quincy to talk to us at our March meeting about our financial standings.

J.R. brought up that any member has the ability to audit our books at any time. 

Scott gave a report on the flagpoles.  He said that until the weather breaks we’re on hold.  Tim Dunbar is working on getting the flagpoles welded and ready for installation.

J.R. discussed the pool tables.  He talked to them the other day and they have the sides and pockets left for one of the tables.

Bill Snell brought up that the green lockers were dropped to $10 a pair.

J.R. stated that spraying for bugs would be put off until the lockers were removed.

J.R. gave a report on the stainless steel sink that’s been installed upstairs.  It took three people to remove the old and it was in no shape to save for anyone.  We decided to wait until after the sink was in to wax the floor.  J.R. stated the need to put in the backsplash and paint the walls where the old sink came out.  J.R. would like someone to go with him to pick out the backsplash.  The two faucets we need for the sink are going to cost around $180 a piece.

The waxing of the floor was discussed.  Chris stated that the committee had not met yet and was open for ideas.  Scott asked how much was involved in doing it.  The board discussed it and it was brought up that we need to get the sink in and complete before we start on the floor.

The vise was sold as discussed to John Ferguson.  He dropped a check by for it since the last meeting.

J.R. is starting to get the tables ready for organizing the forms and papers that were in the old office.  He is setting the files under the table to get them ready for the members to look through and label.

J.R. asked everyone’s input on the new by-laws.  With the boards approval, J.R. and Chris will get it typed up and ready for distribution.

J.R. asked that we call an open meeting to all the membership to discuss the carpeting and any other problems.  Marie brought up the stove and exhaust system in the kitchen.  J.R. stated that our fire extinguisher inspector had been told by the fire department that they would not be able to implement the rule that would make our exhaust system obsolete.  We have had ours reconfigured and have purchased a special fire extinguisher.  He saw no problems with our system and said he’d talk to the fire department if needed.  Scott brought up the idea of our insurance inspector forcing us to upgrade the system.  The board discussed whether we go with the carpet or the exhaust system.  J.R. brought up that we have another fund that’s coming due that could be used for the kitchen.  The board spent some time discussing our finances and the prioritizing of our work list.

J.R. asked that the board come up with a new rental contract.  He asked that we be thinking about it.

J.R. brought up that the High School is asking for a cash contribution for Project Graduation.

Dave Ward that we put the old sink from the kitchen to put down here in place of the old sink.  Dave moved and Chris seconded.  There was no discussion.  Motion carried.  The garbage disposal is being removed and is given to whoever wants it.

Dave Ward brought up that we need to purchase a new vacuum for downstairs.  The vacuum has completely fallen apart.  Dave moved that we purchase a vacuum for down here.  Butch seconded.  There was no discussion and the motion carried.

The open meeting for the temple board was set for Monday, March 31st.  We’re having a soup supper at 6:00 and the meeting is set for 7:00 p.m.  Butch volunteered to make the chili.

Butch brought up the lower drive and asked on the status of it.  We had agreed to have it widened so more cars could park there.

J.R. brought up our current tax situation.  J.R. discussed it with a friend of his and his friend suggested taking no action until we talk to our attorneys.  J.R. will talk with our members that are attorneys to see what steps need to be taken in this matter.

Dave Ward brought up that Oney Kirby is in the hospital and will have back surgery tomorrow.

No further business appearing, the meeting was closed.