How to Apply:

Freemasons traditionally do not solicit membership. A prospective member must approach a Lodge or a Freemason he knows to apply to join. To join is quite simple...   to be one - ask one!

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Requirements for Membership:

To become a Mason in a lodge under the Grand Lodge of the Philippines, you must be a man, at least 21 years of age, of good moral character, and you must believe in a Supreme Being. The definition of the Supreme Being is entirely up to you. Thus, men of all faith can become Freemasons, as long as they meet the other requirements. However, a man must join "of his own free will and accord". The decision is a personal one that must be made according to one's own conscience and upon a favorable impression of the Fraternity.


To the Applicant:

Masonry does not inquire into your religious beliefs or religious affiliation, your political opinions or your social philosophy. It is requisite, however, that you must sincerely believe in the existence of God, or Supreme Being and Creator, by whatsoever name or title you may choose to call Him. That in upholding your political opinions you must be tolerant and respectful of the rights of other men to their convictions and that your social philosophy must not deprive others of equal freedom and liberty in all that you claim for yourself.

Masonry is not a "Benefit Society". The lodge you join, or any other Lodge is under no obligation to assist you or any member of your family with money or other material benefits. On the contrary, you will be required to obligate yourself to assist others within the limit of your ability to do so without detriment to yourself and those dependent upon you.

Masonry teaches and practices Brotherly Love in the spirit that all men should respond to another's need of friendship; to extend the hand of Fellowship to all who will accept it sincerely and in good faith; to help a brother maintain his self-respect, or recover it if lost; and to aid him in all honest endeavors. On the other hand, there is no tolerance of willful or malicious infringement on the right of all men to peacefully work out their own destiny with such ability and knowledge, as they may posses.

Masonry imposes upon you the obligation of advancing yourself in knowledge and by every possible means to make of yourself a more desirable and useful member of the community in which you live.

Masonry does not impose you the obligation to violate the dictates of your conscience, or to disobey the legally constituted Authorities of the Country in which you may reside, or to give blind obedience to any Authority which may have installed itself by open violence, secret intimidation or threats against the Welfare of our friends or relatives who may be under its control or who can be reached by its agents.

Masonry flourishes in a country where men are free to follow the religion of their choice, to vote for political candidates they prefer, to express their opinion in public without fear, and exercise such ability as they may have in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness under no duress or coercion other than the duty they owe to themselves to be decent, self-respecting, Free Men.

Before presenting your petition be sure in your heart that you are not prompted by idle curiosity, or the desire for commercial gain and social prestige. For such motives, Masonry has no reward.

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