Hanselmann Commandery No. 16 Knights Templar of Ohio


Have you ever been at a Masonic function and seen the guys with the old style uniforms, a hat with white feathers down the middle, carrying SWORDS?  Did you see them bring in the American Flag?   Did you notice the reverence in which they did that?  Did you hear one of them step out and give a short little talk about the importance & patriotic nature of our Flag?  Did you find yourself thinking, that was impressive, who are those guys?

The answer:  The Knights Templar

Would you like to learn more? 

On FEBRUARY 26, 2002 7:30pm
at the Cincinnati Masonic Center  on the 6th floor

Hanselmann Commadery will have a FRIENDSHIP Night.

The program for the evening will be about the Knights Templar
Thier History, and the History of Hanselmann Commandery
The Knight Templar Eye Foundation
and York Rite Masonry

The program will last about an hour, and we will give a tour of the 5-6-7th floors of the Masonic Center.

*** This evening is OPEN to ALL ***
Master Masons, their families and Friends are
welcomed to attend. 
Anyone wanting more information on the Knights Templar.

Should you be interested in attending or for more information please call the Commander Rich Tennison (513-368-4718)
The Recorder, Don Rottert (513-467-9814)
click on their names to email them!


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