61st Triennial Drill Competition ---  Nashville, Tennessee - August 12, 2000

The day before pics >click Here< (Hospitality room)

Before Competition (below)

Go away son, ya bother me!
Jack Manning's pre-drill warm-up
Dick Tennison looks over the lunch menu
Holly & Bob Schmitt relax
Linda Tennison

The Drill

Can somebody turn on the air conditioner!
here we go!
Round & round we go, where we'll stop....
3's left
Ready or not... Here we go!
Hanselman Commandery #16 Reports in.
Someone gets ready to slice a jewel off his uniform!
Sword Manual
Ready for another movement
not too bad
Let's see, oh yea, I remember
What's next?
platoons Almost done
Getting ready to leave
It's over!
"Thanks for stopping by, see ya in 3 yrs."

(L-R) SKs Bob Schmitt - Jack Manning - W.Fun Chow

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