Hanselmann Commandery
Christmas Party
December 2nd, 2000

Photos compliments Don Rottert PC
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Masons love to eat! chrstree.gif (6795 bytes) Thanks to the Ladies we are fed well!
So many choices!  Everything is sooooo good! The end of the line and we still have food!

We also gave out a few awards...
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Eminent Cmdr. Ray Ouellette, SK Walt Smith HPC, & his proud son, J. Michael Smith PC SK Walter Smith HPC --  York Rite Festival 2001 class Honoree SK Bob Williams DDC,  SK Don Rottert PC,  EC Ray Ouellette
EC Ray Ouellette presents
SK Walter Smith HPC,  with a certificate as we made Walt our Treasurer Emeritus, for his long years of service in that position.  Congrats Walt!!
SK Walter Smith HPC

Walter is this years York Rite Festival Honoree!!
Get your petitions in now!!

SK Don Rottert PC, our Recorder receives an award for Meritorious Service


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