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Council for Templar Advancement

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Third Division C.T.A. Officers for 2000-2001

Meeting Dates & Times etc...

Date & Time Host / Location Program
Friday September 8, 2000
Covered Dish Dinner @ 6:30pm
Middletown Commandery 71 Officers in the West
Thursday November 16, 2000
Covered Dish Dinner @ 6:30pm
Trinity Commandery #44 School of Instruction for
Order of the Temple
Friday January 26, 2001
Covered Dish Dinner @ 6:30pm
Miami #22 School of Instruction for the  Full Form Opening
Monday April 9, 2001
Covered Dish Dinner @ 6:30pm
Cincinnati #3 Social Meeting NO UNIFORM
Sunday June 24, 2001  3:00pm
Madisonville-Madeira Lodge Lebanon Rd - Loveland Annual Meeting & Picnic
More information to be announced

Click here to see CTA Minutes from each meeting.
(posted shortly after each meeting)

Committees for 2000 - 2001

Nominating -   SK Eddie Wilson Chairman
                    SK's Bernie Schmitt - Greald Newman- Lynn Alexander 
Audit - SK Edward Hess - Chairman
           SK's Stanley Richards, Robert Creekmore, George A. Davis
Holy Land Pilgramage - SK J. C. Shew Chairman
Third Division Membership Chairman - SK Lloyd Bradshaw
Third Division Eye Foundation - SK David Slusher   Chairman
                                                   SK Billy Lucas
FOOD - SK's John Rogers, Dick Holcombe

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