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   Welcome to the Sojourner's Soapbox.

          This new feature will written by a Past Commander of Hanselmann Commandery, J. Michael Smith Mike is very active in Masonry in Southwest Ohio.  Here is a short but by no means complete biography.

     He is a member of Yeatman-Mt. Washington Lodge No.162, serving as Master in 1985 and again in 1991.  He was also  High Priest of Delta Chapter No. 179 RAM in 1982.  He was also Illustrious Master of Hubert O. Auburn Council R&S M in 1995.   WB Smith served Hanselmann Commandery as our Commander in 1992.   
     J. Michael also received his Knight York Cross of Honor  in November of 1996.  Want more? 
He was Grand Tall Cedar of Cincinnati Forest in 1995.  WB Smith also served the 4th Capitular District  RAM as a District Deputy Grand High Priest from 1988 - 1991.   More?  Okay.  He even found time to be President of the York Rite Secretaries and Recorders Association in 1996.
REC Smith has spent a lot of time helping many masons in this area with degree work in the several bodies and with advice when asked.  He has also given support to many more.

     So you see REC Smith has spent a lot of time in Masonry, and is still active.   Mike will  write about things Masonic and occasionally other topics too.  He may even have an occasional guest soapboxer.  Masonry in southwest Ohio is one of the most active in the State.    A fact that makes us very proud.  You will discover more as he writes.

     So look for this new treat to begin the first week of March, maybe earlier but no promises. :o)
A new article will appear each month, of course if he has time we may do more, but for now once a month.    We hope you join us in looking forward to this new endeavor, we are looking forward to your comments on this and anything else you see here on our little website. 

   Before I go I would like to say how much I appreciate the contribution of this Brother.  Mike has been a friend and always ready with a word of wisdom whenever asked.  Thanks Mike.

Look for J. Michael's premiere column in just two weeks!

See ya then!

Michael Retherford - Webmaster

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