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  Andrew Michael Ramsay
  June 1686 - May 1743


      Andrew Michael Ramsay, better known as the Chevalier de Ramsay was born at Ayr, Scotland, June 9, 1686.  He was the son of a Baker, of good circumstances and received a liberal education, first in the local school and afterward at the University of Edinburg.
     Becoming dissatisfied with the condition of affairs of the religious character
in Scotland, he traveled to England and the University of Leyden; here he made
friends with a "Mystic divine" named Mr. Poiret, who induced him to adopt the doctrines of this system of theology.

     In 1710 after visiting the Archbishop of Cambray, he was persuaded to become a Roman Catholic, with the help of the Archbishop he was appointed Preceptor to the Duke de Chateau-Thiery and the Prince de Turenne, where he was made a "Knight of the Order of St. Lazarus, and inturn a member of the Masonic Fraternity.   He soon became a conspicuous and active member, he sought to identify the influence and progress of Freemasonry with the fortunes of the house of Stuart.  He challenged the French Nobility and the origin of the institution by asserting that it arose in the Holy Land during the Crusades as an order of Chivalry.

     In 1740 he delivered his celebrated discourse at Paris, in which he set forth his theory in regard to the origin of Freemasonry, as follows, viz:   "that the first Freemasons were a society of Knights, who devoted themselves to the purpose of rebuilding the sacred edifices which had been destroyed by the Saracens".  The Saracens sent in spies disguised as Christians, which paralyzed the efforts of the builders.  After discovering the spies, they instituted certain signs and passwords to guard against them.

Today the Knights Templars still use signs and passwords, as do the Freemasons to guard against   "Cowans and easedroppers".

     So!  As we three do agree, John Robinson was right in the book  "Born in Blood".   We as Freemasons are descended from Builders and Knights.  So my Brother Knights let us keep building that Temple inside our hearts, and let the Knights protect us in all our efforts.

So for now...

back to that rough and rugged road, only 500 miles to go!

J. Michael Smith, KYCH  

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