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by J. Michael Smith
March 2000


     Welcome to the first edition of the "Sojourner’s Soapbox."
My intent is for this page to be a vehicle to pass along some of my thoughts, ideals, and maybe to "spout" off just a little. I will also pass along some information and education.

I plan to have some guest Sojourners to help in this endeavor. So first, I will state that I take full responsibility for the contents of this page. It will be my duty to approve any and all writings submitted.
So here we go!

     I would like to dedicate this month’s page to the most prolific Masonic writer to pass this way, for on March 13, 1997, we lost this wonderful Mason.  I doubt if he can ever be replaced. He is . . . . .

Allen E. Roberts, FPS

and from the book "Seekers of Truth" the story of the Philalethes Society 1928-1988, Allen writes:

" In these days, the necessity for the search for truth is greater than ever before. Our building, our temple of truth, must rise far above the mounds of ignorance, falsehood, and despair. The light of truth must shine as a beacon through the darkness to guide and encourage others."

So mote it be and Amen!


Did you know?

     On October 21, 1908, Grand Master, George D. Copeland of Marion Lodge #70, and his officers assembled at the Hotel Sinton in Cincinnati. At 9:15 A.M., They were met by other brethren and military bands for the march to the Music Hall.

     "Great throngs filled the streets." Masonic banners and emblems waved from business centers by the thousands. The several bands thrilled the crowds lining the streets as hundreds of Masons marched to Music Hall.   
     Grand Master, Copeland, then opened the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Ohio.  After the usual business of the Lodge, he announced the plans for the afternoon.  The Grand Lodge and visitors would be entertained at the Zoological Garden.  There would be a special band concert by Bellstedt’s famous band.  The drill corps of "Hanselmann Commandery No. 16, Knights Templar," (one of the prize winners at the last Triennial Conclave) would perform.  So would its military band. And there would be "other special features of amusement and entertainment" . . . . .

From: Frontier Cornerstone

By: Allen E. Roberts, FPS

So for now, back to that rough and rugged road, only 500 miles to go!



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