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by J. Michael Smith PC
JUNE 2000

Some thoughts off the top of my head

Just spouting OFF!


Things I don’t like:

     One day Blue Lodge Degrees

     One day York Rite Festivals

     The Grand Masters Edict on Candidates Proficiency

     Our rituals conferred without "feeling." It’s not just words;         it’s our "Way of Life."

Things I LIKE!    :o)

     The generosity of this fraternity to its Philanthropic                organizations

     Our ritual conferred with feeling, emphasis,
     and from the heart .

     A good secretary!

Did you know?

I came across this in the May 28th Edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer, by Deborah Kendrick:

     Joe Dee, KYCH and Past Commander of Cincinnati Commandry #3, has been stricken with the Hepatitis "C" virus. I know a little about this virus, as one of my closest friends and a brother law have also contracted this virus.

     I was not aware of Joe’s health problems or of his past. Not only has he achieved the honor of being Knighted as a Knight York Cross of Honor; he served three tours in Vietnam, had a Field Commission in the Marine Corp, went to Officer’s Candidate School, went on a cross-country Motorcycle trip, accomplished 2000 parachute Jumps, a police officer for 14 years, and a decade as a private investigator.

     As a Hamilton County detective for the Sheriff’s Department   22 years ago, Joe was assaulted during a homicide investigation. The blood transfusion required in emergency surgery proved 20 years later to have been contaminated with the virus in its advanced stage. The virus is fatal.

    Joe was diagnosed in May, 1998. He has had three periods of chemotherapy, without positive results. He is in constant pain, blurred vision, and has flu-like symptoms. Joe and Sandra, along with his family and friends, are prepared for the day they all know will come.

     What can we say? Our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours,

Til next month,


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