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December  2000

Happy Holidays  & Merry Christmas to all! 



The Effigies on the tombs of the ancient Knights Templars are
Always represented with the legs crossed, in allusion to there
Character as “Knights of the Cross”, consequently in the sixteenth
Century, when some Knights Templars joined Masonic Lodges in
Scotland, they were referred to as” Cross-legged Masons”

 The Knights of the Sepulcher was founded in 302 AD by the
Daughter of King Coylus of Great Britain after “as it is said”
The successful search for the “Cross and Sepulcher of Christ”

Among the duties of the Knights were to…
“Feed the hungry and clothe the naked”

 After defeating the Saracens in a battle of the River
Offanto in 1367, the victorious Knights of Malta’s “reward”
Was to be “Affranchised” in all parts of the
Mediterranean Coasts, this is to say they had permission to
“Pass or repass” wherever and whenever pleased.

 That there are over 100,000 Master Masons in Ohio that
Are not members of the York Rite of Freemasonry?
100,000 Masons that don’t know the “Long lost secret of a Master Mason
100,000 Masons have never met “Hiram Abif”
100, 000 Masons have never seen the splendor of the “Order of the Temple”

 That my Father, Sir Knight Walter E. Smith is the Honoree of the
2001 York Rite Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Have a very safe and happy Holiday season!

So for now...
back to that rough and rugged road, only 500 miles to go!

J. Michael Smith, KYCH  

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