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August 2000

Our Guest Sojourner this Month - SK John E. Ferguson PC

The Great architect of the Universe

    Why does a large contingency of non-mason begin their discussions concerning Freemasonry by down grading the fraternity?  In most cases they have very little real knowledge of the craft or its activities.  Most of their information comes from some obsolete book, here say, a begrudged mason and of course those who spin tall tales for their own amusement. These tales usually open with this ridicules statement.
     “Masons don’t believe in God”. That always gets the attention of those who are within earshot. When asked how they arrived at this ridicules conclusion, with few exceptions this is almost always their reply. You don’t pray to “God”. You pray to someone called The Great Architect of the Universe. Every Mason at some time or another in an opening prayer or prayer of thanksgiving has heard those words. On numerous occasions, I have heard someone express these words or something similar in a payer at both Masonic and other meetings.

Great architect of the Universe, Grand Master of the Universe, Supreme Grand Master, Lord, Master, Precious Lord, Lord and Master of All, Father, Father of All, Our Father, Holy Father, Most Merciful Father, Heavenly Father and numerous others names.

There was never any doubt in my mind the name of the person we were praying to. If The Great Architect Universe is not “The Lord God, and Father of All, then who is it”?

Scripture tell us of “God” the Wise Master Builder and of his laying the corner stone of creation. Who was the architect that designed those plans? God is the builder of both Heaven and Earth and man was made in his image. Therefore how can you deny him the title of The Great Architect of the Universe? Man is
responsible for building many great pieces of architect from The Pyramids to Mount Rushmore;  but nothing that even comes close to Heaven and Earth.

Scripture speak of “God” as a wise Master Builder and of his laying the corner stone of creation. When The Supreme Architect of the Universe wanted a house or temple, to dwell among men, he gave man the plans of the temple he wanted to have built. This plan was communicated first to King David. King David communicated the plan to Solomon, who took due notice there of and govern himself accordingly. Solomon, with the help of Hiram King of Tyre, and Hiram Abbif the widow’s son, completed and furnished the temple. No work or building can begin until “The Architect” has designs the plans. No man can grasp some of the best lesson’s found in the Bible without some knowledge of the symbols of Masonry.

Likewise no man can grasp the lessons of Masonry without having a profound knowledge of and reverence for, the Holy Bible. Architecture is as old as mankind; and began with the placing of the first rock on top of another rock to block the entrance of his cave from animals or the wind. “All knowledge comes from God the Father of All.” We therefore learned our building skills from The Great Architect of the Universe.

So tell me, why is it wrong to pray to him by that name?

John E. Ferguson

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