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April,  2001


April 2001


In 1934, while serving as Secretary of Agriculture, Henry A. Wallace for the first time, saw a picture of the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States and took it to President Roosevelt, as they studied the colored reproduction of the Seal, the President was struck by the representation of the all-seeing eye, a Masonic representation of the Great Architect of the Universe.

The president was impressed with the idea that the foundation for the new order of the ages had been laid in 1776, but that it would be completed only under the eye of the Great Architect. The President then suggested that the reverse side of the Great Seal be placed on the reverse of the one dollar bill,

Speaking of Presidents, Did you Know ?

That President Clinton as one of his final acts as President, in January 2001 awarded a posthumous Medal Of Honor to President Theodore Roosevelt, 56 years after Roosevelt’s son, Theodore Roosevelt Jr. posthumously received the same decoration.

The elder received his Medal of Honor for his actions during the Spanish-American War at San Juan Hill, Cuba, July 1, 1898, while in command of the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment, better known as the Rough Riders, Roosevelt is the first President to receive the Medal of Honor.

His son received the Medal for his actions during World War II at Utah Beach, France, June 6, 1944. He was in the first wave at Utah Beach and was the first General to land on a Normandy beach on D-Day.


Did you Know ?

The Roosevelt’s were the second father – son recipients of the Medal of Honor, Arthur MacArthur received his for action at Missionary Ridge Tenn. During the Civil War. His son, General Douglas MacArthur received the Medal during World War II for his defense of Bataan and Corregidor. Did you know ? all the above were Masons.


Back to the road, only 500 miles to go.

J. Michael Smith, KYCH

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