Dear Sir Knights,

    Reservations are still available for Hotel rooms at the Regal Hotel in Cincinnati.  Also reservations are still being taken for the following meals:  Grand Commanders Banquet, Awards Dinner, and the Luncheon.  Time is running out, and these reservations must be made very soon.   More information can also be found in your Knight Templar Magazine.

    Please contact SK Lloyd Bradshaw - PDDC - Membership Chrmn
                              for your reservations at (513) 777-6304

            Notify the Regal Hotel, tell them you are with the Grand Commandery of Ohio,

                Phone Number  (513) 352-2100    ----  out of state tel. #   1-800-876-2100

                    Fax number is - (513) 352-2217

                           The address for the Regal Hotel is:      150 West 5th street - Cincinnati, Ohio 45202         

Sir Knights time is short, Grand Commadery will be in Cincinnati, Ohio
September 28, 29, 30, 2000.      Let's make this a "Grand" event for our Grand Commandery, SK Charles Albertson.

        Thanks and we hope to see you there!

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