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Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons

Of the State of New Jersey

Dispensation Granted--May 18, 1825

Organized First Meeting--June 13, 1825

Warrant Issued-Hiram Chapter No. 4-Trenton, NJ--June 24, 1825



1.0 SUMMARY HISTORY                                                        3


3.0 THE FORMATION OF THE FIRST GRAND CHAPTER OF ROYAL ARCH MASONS IN NEW JERSEY                                                                                        5


4.1 Minutes of Hiram Chapter, No. 4                                         7


6.0 THE GRAND CHAPTER OF NEW JERSEY                         13

7.0 FIRST MINUTES OF HIRAM CHAPTER, NO. 1                         14

8.0 CENTENNIAL CONVOCATION                                                15

8.1 CENTENARY OF JERSEY CHAPTER                                         17


10.0 HIRAM’S CHILDREN                                                                 18

11.0 THIS AND THAT FROM AMONG THE MINUTES                 19 

12.0 the 175th anniversary convocation                                         20

13.0 THE OFFICERS OF HIRAM CHAPTER NO. 1                         21

14.0 HIGH PRIESTS OF HIRAM CHAPTER-1825-2000                 22

15.0 SECRETARIES OF HIRAM CHAPTER-1825-2000                                            24

16.0 TREASURERS OF HIRAM CHAPTER-1825-2000                 25

17.0 EXALTATIONS IN HIRAM CHAPTER-1825-2000                          26

18.0 MEMBERSHIP COUNT                                                          27

19.0 HIRAM CHAPTER, NO. 4, RAM                                                  27

20.0 HIRAM CHAPTER MEETING LOCATIONS                                  27

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Hiram Chapter received a Charter from a Grand Chapter of the State of New Jersey on the 18th of May, A.D. 1825, and continued to work under the same until the General Grand Chapter of the United States declared the Charter of that Grand Chapter forfeited, as well as all the Chapters under the authority of the same, with the exception of Hiram Chapter, which was allowed to place itself under the jurisdiction of the Grand Chapter of the State of New York. On the 30th day of October, A.D. 1841, Richard Ellis, GHP of the Grand Chapter of the State of New York, issued his Dispensation allowing the Chapter to work until February 2nd, A.D. 1842, at which time the Grand Chapter of the State of New York received it under its care and protection. The Chapter continued to work under that jurisdiction until November, A.D. 1854, when by request it was taken under the care of the General Grand Chapter of the United States, from which it received a Dispensation to carry on the work, and on the 11th of September, A.D. 1856, received a warrant.

A Constitutional number of Chapters to form a Grand Chapter for the State of New Jersey, being in successful operation, a Convention was called composed of representatives from Hiram Chapter, No.1, Enterprise Chapter, No.2, of Jersey City, and Boudinot Chapter, No. 3 of Burlington, and a Grand Chapter for the State of New Jersey was formed, from which Hiram Chapter received it’s present Charter on the 9th Day of September, A.D. 1857.

Hiram Chapter continued to function in Red Bank, NJ until its consolidation with Goodwin Chapter #36 in Toms River on January 11, 2005. The new Chapter has been named Goodwin-Hiram Chapter #1 and is located in Toms River, NJ





A Special Convocation (No. 865) of Hiram Chapter, No. 1. RAM, was held on May 18, 1925. The date was exactly one hundred years after the Chapter received a dispensation from the First Grand Royal Arch Chapter of New Jersey. Originally we were named Hiram Chapter, No. 4. and were located in Trenton, New Jersey.

At the above named Special Convocation there were 306 members and visiting Companions present to celebrate our century of existence. Of the 260 members of the Chapter at that time, 178 (Or 68%) were present. Now fifty years later, we have 170 members. The banner year of membership was 1930, when we had 323 Companions.

This little pamphlet is not a history of that Chapter. It is a record of dates and places, taken, mostly from an extensive history that was compiled fifty years ago. Some of the records will show when and where Hiram Chapter came into being. The rest of what was, in some way or another, Capitular Masonry in New Jersey by the time our present Grand Chapter was formed in 1857.

If you will examine the dates and places mentioned under the heading "Hiram Chapter, No. 4" it will be obvious that we had four charters under four different Grand Bodies. This is probably a record not equaled anywhere.

Also, although Brearley Chapter, No. 6. received a Pennsylvania warrant some nine years before Hiram received its Charter, it did not meet for eighteen years. Therefore, that Chapter cannot claim that it is the oldest continuously operating Royal Arch Chapter in New Jersey.

In 1958, Rt. Excellent Harold V. Vorhees, and in 1972, Rt. Excellent Lewis J. Birt received the General Grand Chapter Distinguished Service Bronze Medal. From 1946 to 1972 (26 years) Companion Vorhees was Grand Historian.

In the Order of High Priesthood of New Jersey, which was formed on Wednesday, September 11, 1861, we have had fifteen Presidents from fourteen Chapters. The third was our own Daniel H. Holmes, who lived in Tinton Falls. He was the first Excellent Herald, then Vice President, then President, and finally Excellent Herald again for another year. Companion Vorhees was Excellent Herald 1947 to 1974 (27 years).

As of 1950, we have had 1774 Convocations in which we have had 909 Exaltations, plus 10 Charter Members, 28 Affiliations, and 20 who received one two or three degrees, making 967 members in the Chapter since it started one hundred and fifty years ago, Eighty-eight Companions have served as High Priest eighteen of whom served more than one year. John Mershon held the office for twelve years (1831-1842). The last one serving more than one year was Frederick T. Hurley (1922 and 1930). The banner year so far as exaltations are concerned was 1921 when we had fifty-one. Walter C. Van Keuren was then the Most Excellent High Priest.

The following Companions were District Deputy Grand High Priests:


Charles B. Parsons 1908-1910

Walter C. Van Keuren 1922-1926

Virgil Markle 1932-1935

James R. Wolcott, Jr. 1949

Herbert E. North, Jr. 1957-1961

Albert F. Sauer 1963-1966

Lewis J. Birt 1971

LTC Robert C. Beatty 1972

Lewis J. Birt 1973-1974

Mory J. Shavinsky, Jr. 1975

Other Elected Grand Officers of Hiram Chapter, No.1:

George A. Tator M.E.G.H.P. 1858

Daniel A. Holmes R.E.D.G.H.P. 1862

Martin M. Drohen M.E.G.H.P. 1877

(Affiliated April 9. 1884)

Jehu P. Cooper R.E.G.Scribe 1886

Harold V. B. Voorhees R.E.G.Historian 1944-1972

Jack Arnold, Sr. R.E.G.King 1964-1965

Herbert E. North, Jr. M.E.G.H.P. 1971

Ronald M. Maslo R.E. G.RAC 2004

William F. Drapczak R.E. GM2ndV 2004

Dennis L. Stewart R.E. G.Tyler 2004

Frederick L. Schlosser R.E. G. Chaplain 2005


It is an interesting note to mention that Daniel A. Holmes was elected Grand Scribe in 1859. He was elected Grand King for the years 1860 and 1861 and became Grand King in 1862. At the Seventh Annual Grand Convocation a rather unusual circumstance occurred. All of the four principal officers of the Grand Chapter refused to permit their names to be placed in nomination for any office. The Companions assembled thus found it necessary to elect one of their number from the floor. This was accordingly done and John Shelville was elected Grand High Priest.

The reason for this unusual event is not given in the proceedings and has never truthfully come to light. The best guess that can be made is that in that year the Civil War was at its height and somehow the tense and strained conditions of the nation had caused a division within Grand Chapter. Daniel A. Holmes continued to be a very active member of Hiram Chapter and did much to assist in putting the Chapter on a firm financial base before his death in 1872.



In the weekly issues of the Newark newspaper known as "The New Jersey Eagle" on December 10, 1824 appeared this notice:

"The Officers of the different Chapters of R.A. Masons in New Jersey are requested to meet at the house of Ellis Noe, in Elizabeth Town on Wednesday, January 5, 1825, at 10 o’clock A.M. to take into consideration the necessary measures preparatory to the formation of a State Grand Chapter."

This is, according to David McGregor, PGH, the first public notice of Royal Arch Masonry in New Jersey. This meeting laid the foundations of the First Grand Royal Arch Chapter of New Jersey.

At this meeting in Elizabeth Town (now Elizabeth) were the representatives of Washington Chapter, No. 1, Solomon's Chapter, No. 2, and Franklin Chapter, No. 3. They were acting under the authority of a warrant granted by the General Grand High Priest, DeWitt Clinton, then the Governor of New York. The group elected Joseph Munn ,Chairman and Elias J. Thompson, Secretary. They then adopted a constitution and elected the following officers:

John E. Ruckel Grand High Priest

Elias J. Thompson Deputy Grand High Priest

John Scott Grand King

Jeptha B. Munn Grand Scribe

Joseph Warren Scott Grand Secretary

Jacob Wilson Grand Treasurer

Simeon Baldwin Grand Marshall

On Monday, May 9, l825, the First Grand Royal Arch Chapter of New Jersey was consecrated in the rooms of Solomon’s Chapter, No. 2., in New Brunswick. The ceremonies were conducted by Richard Pennell, Deputy Grand High Priest of New York, acting at the request of tile General Grand Chapter. The officers were installed with the appropriate ceremonies of the order.

It is worthy of note that the Grand Secretary, Joseph Warren Scott, was one of the most distinguished citizens of New Jersey and New Brunswick. He served Masonry in many distinguished offices including two years as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge. Both Scott Chapter, No. 4, and Scott Council, No. 1, are named in his honor.

On the May 18, 1825, the Deputy Grand High Priest, Elias J. Thompson, granted a dispensation for several Companions in the Trenton area to form a Chapter that was to be known as Hiram Chapter, No. 4. This Chapter was to hold its first Convocation on the following June 13th.

The first activity of our premier Grand Chapter was taking part in the celebration of St. John the Baptist's Day on June 24, 1825, in Newark under the invitation of Washington Chapter, No. 1. David McGregor describes the event:

"They were joined by members of neighboring Chapters and Lodges in an unusually brilliant procession from the Chapter Room in Newark Academy to Trinity Church, where they were addressed by the Rev. Dr. Feltus of New York upon the character of St. John the Baptist, in the course of which he 'unequivocally expressed his approbation of the principles and designs of the order, but at the same time deeply deplored the dishonor which had been brought upon it, through the loose and incautious manner in which candidates had been admitted.' Like our patron saint, of whom he had been speaking, Bro. Feltus issued words of warning that were in the nature of a prophecy of the storm of persecution and reverses which were soon to break over their heads and their membership almost to the point of disintegration."

At the convocation of the Grand Chapter that was held in Newark on that same day, June 24, 1825, a warrant was issued to Hiram Chapter, No. 4, of Trenton. Hiram Chapter, No. 4, had held its first Convocation under dispensation the previous June 13th, as you will see described in detail later in this work.

Thus the present Hiram Chapter which has continued to meet with more or less regularity from that date is the sole surviving work of that First Grand Chapter of New Jersey through one hundred and fifty remarkable years.

This Grand Chapter has no record of a Chapter No. 5. Probably because it was hoped that Brearley Chapter, warranted under the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Pennsylvania, would unite with this Grand Chapter and assume that number under the Grand Chapter of New Jersey. But such was not to come to pass, for Brearley Chapter never became part of New Jersey Capitular Masonry until 1859, which was three years after the meeting of the second Grand Chapter.

There was a Chapter No. 6. Sussex Chapter, No. 6 in Newton, Sussex County, was given a charter. While this warrant is known to be in existence, there are no records to indicate that any work was ever done by this Chapter. In the period of fierce anti-Masonic agitation that began around the year 1826 and through the following several years, it is doubtful that it survived or in fact operated at all.

The first Grand Chapter held its last Grand Convocation on November 8, 1836, in Trenton and then passed into oblivion with few records or historical mementos to mark its existence. It is also interesting to note that the first Grand high Priest, John E. Ruckel, had also passed to his reward only three weeks before the final Convocation.

The path that Hiram followed is detailed in the following pages. One last remark: The present Bulletin of Hiram Chapter, No. 1. bears the date of institution as May 25, 1825. The source of that date is unknown.



The first actual convocation of Hiram Chapter No. 4, was held on June 13th, A.I. 2355 (A.D. 1825) in the city of Trenton, New Jersey, at which a committee was appointed to prepare by-laws and it "reported that they had attended to that duty, which By -Laws were read by sections and unanimously adopted."

Three Master Masons, Charles M. Wells, James A. Stevens and William Kerwood, made application to become members of the Chapter. "The Chapter closed in Harmony and Brotherly Love."

The Officers of the Chapter at that time were eight in number:

Most Excellent High Priest Thomas Woodruff

Excellent King Chas. Burroughs

Excellent Scribe J. C. Chambers

Captain of the Host William Halstead

Principal Sojurner John Mershon

Captain of the Host J. M. Bisham

Treasurer G. P. Glentworth

Tyler David Wrighter

Z. Ropell was also present and by a comparison of the handwriting of the minutes, it is safe to assume that this Companion was the Secretary; although no mention is made of the fact, nor are any of the minutes for many years signed by anyone.

On Friday, July 1, 1825, "a Lodge of Mark Master Masons was opened in due form and two Brothers were made Mark Master Masons." On Saturday, July 9, 1825, the same procedure took place; after which a Past Master's Lodge was opened and the two Mark Masters were installed as Past Masters. On Monday evening August 1, 1825, these two brothers "being in waiting", were admitted and acknowledged as Most Excellent Masters and desiring further advancement, were Exalted to the Most Sublime, Degree of Royal Arch Mason."

Here we have the dates of the first work done in Hiram Chapter:

Mark Master July 1, 1825

Past Master July 9, 1825

Most Excellent Master August 1, 1825

Royal Arch August 1, 1825.

The custom, at that time, was that many Master Masons were made Mark Master Masons and were never advanced further. Hiram Chapter did, however, open and close on every one of the four degrees separately for work in that degree as needed. The custom at that time was legal, but at a later time a change was made.

The fee for the Mark Master Mason Degree was four dollars and for the entire four Capitular Degrees of the Chapter, the fee was twenty dollars. It is singular to note that for a hundred years, this fee has remained the same. It is now twenty five dollars, but for well over one hundred years, the successful candidate to Hiram, Chapter paid the same sum for his admission as did his father, grandfather and great-grandfather.


The following is a verbatim copy of the first page of the minutes of Hiram Chapter, No. 1. RAM, then Hiram Chapter, No. 4. RAM:


4.1 Minutes of Hiram Chapter, No. 4


"On the Eighteenth day of May A. D. 1825 (A. I. 5825), a Dispensation was granted by Elias J. Thompson, District Grand High Priest of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the State of New Jersey to Thomas L. Woodruff, Charles Burroughs, William Halsted, Joseph M. Bisham and Garret D. Wall to open a Lodge of Mark Masters, Past Masters, Most Excellent Masters and Chapter of Royal Arch Masons in the City of Trenton with power to confer these Degrees, and on the same day our worthy Companion Thomas L. Woodruff was duly installed High Priest, of said Chapter, our worthy Companion Charles Burroughs King, and our worthy Companion John C. Chambers, Scribe. The Chapter to be known and designated by the name of Hiram Chapter No. 4. Upon which the works commenced and continued until the meeting of the Grand Chapter at Newark on the 26th. June following, when a Warrant of Constitution was granted."

The only written material preceding this page is the "By Laws of Hiram Chapter, No. 4, followed by the several (30) signatures as follows:

Thomas L. Woodruff Samuel Glover

Chas. Burroughs James Lloyd

John C. Chambers J. N. Clauson

Chas. M. Wells Daniel Hutchinson

John Mershon Joseph W. Moore

G. P. Glentworth Halsey Canfield

David Wrighter S. B. Scattergood

William Kerwood Jos. H. Hough

Z. A. C. Ropell Elias Phillips

David C. Croxall Henry C. Boswell

William L. Johnson S. Van Sickell

Josiah Mickle David S. Huderson

S. D. Wessell James Hamilton

Richard Campbell Aaron Longstreet

John Van Tilburgh Francis Labair

These Companions composed the, assemblage at the first Convocation held on June 13, 1825, in the City of Trenton, New Jersey.

The original seal of Hiram Chapter (a drawing of which is on the cover) was recovered in 1920 under the following circumstances:

"Herbert N. Packard, while looking for something to use for a paperweight in the second hand shop of Samuel Schwartz in Red Bank, came across an old seal which was about the size and weight he desired. At this time, early in 1920, Packard was not a Royal Arch Mason; however, when he was exalted in October, 1920, he presented the paperweight to Hiram Chapter. It was the original seal and is still in the archives of the Chapter."

It can be said with much justification that Hiram Chapter has not supported the high cost of Masonry. In fact, the fees have really been reduced in consequence of the difference in time alone. The actual abatement cannot be measured in dollars and cents, even though the face value of twenty dollars between 1825 and 1925 is enormous, without bringing into consideration value received. Certainly a brother receiving the degrees in 1925 has much less left to the imagination than one in 1825, when little or no paraphernalia or regalia was used. (This paragraph was copied from the history as written in 1925 and we will not update to the present where we are certain the reader can use his up-to-date imagination.)

On December 18, 1826, "In consequence of a Communication from the Grand High Priest, it was agreed that Companion James Cushman be employed as Lecturer for two days by the Chapter," It will be remembered that Companion Cushman was one of the four members of New Jersey at the Convention of the General Grand Chapter in New York City in 1826.

On November 12 1827, i.e., about a year later, Companion James Cushman, High priest, pro-tem. opened Hiram Chapter, No. 4. together with twelve members of Hiram Chapter and six visitors, or a total of nineteen. It appears from the minutes that a petition was presented, and then, apparently to conform to the by-laws (Article 5 - Such candidate may be balloted for at the next meeting) the Chapter "closed in Harmony for the space of five minutes."

After the space of five minutes, the Chapter was again opened when the candidate received the Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master and Royal Arch Degrees, one after the other. This, however, is the second recorded instance of a candidate receiving all four degrees in one evening. On January 22, 1827, with seven Companions from Hiram, No. 4. and three visitors present, as at subsequent Convocations when Companion was not present, the first such occasion took place. The petition at that time was received, voted upon, and the degrees conferred all in one evening. The Chapter closed for one hour on January 22, 1827. This may well have been the first Royal Arch Festival in New Jersey.

Apparently this is the "lecture visit" as provided for about a year previous. The minutes make no mention of Companion Cushman staying for two days, or why he was there, but it is reasonable to assume this conclusion from the previous recordings and from the comparatively large gathering at the Convocation.

Some interesting reports or bills of the Tyler are recorded in which it appears that this officer was not an expert bookkeeper. They are, however of too great detail to be presented here.

In the minutes of January 26, 1829, the following appears: "Companion ******** Smith of Brearley Chapter, which is not acknowledged by the General Grand Chapter of this State to be lawfully Constituted, made application to be healed in due form by this Chapter, which was accordingly done"

This practice is apparently contrary to the By-Laws: "For the Government of Subordinate Chapters and Lodges under the jurisdiction of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the State of New Jersey" as contained in "The Constitution and Regulations of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the State of New Jersey, adopted at the Borough of Elizabeth on the 5th of January 1825." Quoting from an original copy of these laws, Article IV, Section 12, the reference states: "That no Royal Arch Mason shall be admitted as a Member or visitor, in any Royal Arch Chapter under this jurisdiction, unless he shall regularly received the several degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, Master Mason, Mark Master Mason, Past Master, Most Excellent Master and Royal Arch Mason."

In the 1950 Laws of the General Grand Chapter, Article III, Section 6. the reference states that such Royal Arch Masons made irregularly without the jurisdiction may be properly healed "free of charge," but the New Jersey Laws would take precedence over the General Grand Chapter Law in this case.

At a Convocation in June 1829, a Committee was appointed to attend to paying "a note in the Trenton Bank for Three Hundred Dollars." Of the character of the note and the use of the money, no mention is made. During the Convocation in December, the Committee was discharged.

There is nothing of great interest recorded until 1841. This is truly unfortunate because this was one of the few Masonic bodies to meet during that time of Masonic turbulence and any record of the occurrences of the period would shed a great deal of light on the reasons that caused others to fail.

In the Proceedings of the General Grand Chapter of the United States, we find recorded that on the 16th of September 1841, a communication was received from the Grand Secretary of the 'Grand Chapter of New Jersey, which, on motion, was referred to the Committee on Warrants.


On September 17, 1841, from the same source, we find that the "General Grand Secretary offered the following Resolution, which, on motion, was accepted:

"RESOLVED, that Hiram Chapter, at Trenton, be advised to place itself under the jurisdiction of the Grand Chapter of the State of New York and that the said Grand Chapter be advised to legalize the proceedings of Hiram Chapter subsequent to the dissolution of the Grand Chapter of New Jersey."

In the minutes of October 4. 1841, we find written:

"A Lodge of Past Masters was opened in due form. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. The High Priest stated that at a meeting of the General Grand Chapter of the United States, held in the City of New York on the 14th. Of September, the warrant of the Grand Chapter of the State of New Jersey was declared to be forfeited, null and void in consequence of their not having had a meeting for about five years, in consequence of which our warrant ceases.

The General Grand Chapter declared the warrants of all Chapters under the jurisdiction of the Grand Chapter of New Jersey forfeited, except ours, that in as much as we had continued to meet and work, they would ratify and confirm what we had done but recommend that we should now place ourselves under the jurisdiction of some Grand Chapter deriving their authority from them. He states that he had a correspondence with Companion Richard Ellis, Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of the State of New York, which letters he produced. In Companion Ellis' last letter he stated (he) presumed we would be received on the same condition as those who had forfeited their warrant, that is, on their paying up all back dues. As we do not consider our warrant forfeited by any neglect of ours these terms were objected to by all. On motion made and seconded, it was unanimously resolved that the following preamble, resolution and petition be presented to the Grand Chapter of the State of New York:

"WHEREAS, the Grand Chapter of the State of New Jersey, in consequence of not having had a meeting for about five years, have thereby forfeited their Warrant or Charter, and we the Members of Hiram Chapter No. 4, wishing to promote the great and good cause in which we are engaged as far as may be in our power. Now, therefore be it RESOLVED, that we petition the Grand Chapter of the State of New York to take us under their jurisdiction on the following Conditions, vis:

We promising and agreeing to pay to the said Grand Chapter of the State of New York from the time of our admission, the Sum of Two dollars for each Companion that may be exalted by us, and also the further Sum of Fifty Cents per Annum for each member of our Chapter so long as we continue under the jurisdiction of the said Grand Chapter of the State of New York. So long as we continue to meet and work as a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, or until the Grand Chapter of the State of New Jersey, shall be legally reorganized, which Preamble, Petition and Resolution the High Priest was requested to forward to Companion Richard Ellis, Grand High Priest.

The Lodge was closed in Harmony.

The List of Officers and Members of Hiram Chapter, No. 4. at that time were:

Royal Arch Masons

John Mershon High Priest

Lack Rossell King

Wm. Kerwood Scribe

Samll B. Scattergood Captain of the Host

Halsey Canfield Principal Sojourner

John Dickinson Royal Arch Captain

Jos. H. Hough Secretary

Chas. Burroughs Treasurer

Daniel Hutchinson

Most Excellent Masters

Henry C. Boswell l

F. R. Lafancherie

Rich. Campbell

Past Masters

Silvester Van Sickell

Elias Phillips






Having cast the lot, Hiram Chapter, No. 4, continued in Trenton under a dispensation from the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of New York.

On November 18, 1841, a Mark Master's Lodge was opened in due form. We read from the minutes:

"The R. W. Master presented a dispensation directed to him, from the M. E. Richard Ellis, Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of the State of New York, authorizing him to receive this Chapter, to preside at same, to admit members, to confer the degree of Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master and Royal Arch Mason, to elect and install officers, etc., until the meeting of the Grand Chapter on the first Thursday in February next at which time said dispensation to be returned together with a copy of the proceedings of under the same, which dispensation was read, approved and accepted."

Then follows a copy of the dispensation.

After the minutes of August 20th, 1841 is "A copy of the letter dated February 2, 1842, containing the Resolution of the Grand Chapter of New York State, receiving Hiram Chapter under its jurisdiction."

On August 22, 1842, M. E. Richard Ellis, Grand High Priest of the State of New York, visited the Chapter and presided in the East. Three Companions were exalted and the Chapter was "called off until 8 o'clock P.M."

At 8 o'clock, the Chapter resumed and two other Companions were exalted but, it is strange to say that whatever the Most Excellent Companion said or did was not recorded at all.

Except for the purchasing of a mallet, chisel and three squares which cost the Chapter a dollar and a half, on November 21, 1842, nothing of any interest is recorded until December 19, 1842, when a "Preamble was passed and recorded in full on the death of M.E.H.P John Mershon."

On January 23, 1843, "A communication from the Most Excellent Richard Ellis, Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of New York, in which he declared the election held by this Chapter on Monday Evening the 19th of December last past to be illegal and void in consequence of its having been held in a Lodge of Mark Master Masons. Also a dispensation to Companion Wm. Kerwood to open the Chapter and proceed to an election of Officers for the ensuing Masonic year.

"Whereupon the Lodge of Mark Masters was closed and a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons was opened in due form. "The Chapter then proceeded to an election of officers for the ensuring year under the dispensation granted by our Most Excellent Grand Companion Richard Ellis, Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of New York State."

A very interesting item is recorded under the heading of a report of the "Standing Committee on Finances":

Balance in Treas. hands of $42.62 1/2

To. L. Rosell Credit of $ 3.12 1/2

Total Cash $45.75

Net amount due to the Chapter $93.37 1/2

After the closing of the Convocation of September 2, 1844, six pages of the minutes have been cut out from the minute book.

Harold V. Voorhis describes it thus: "What took place during the years covered by those pages is not available. The only information touching upon those dates, that I have been able to obtain, was sent to me after appealing to the Grand Chapter of the State of New York under whose jurisdiction this Chapter was working at that time. The following letter, dated February 18, 1925, was received from Most Excellent Companion Charles C. Hunt, Grand Secretary of the Grand Chapter of New York:

"I have made a thorough search of the archives of the Grand Chapter and can find no return or other documents from Hiram Chapter, No. 4, or pertaining to that Chapter, for the years 1845-48. No doubt the hiatus in your records is due to the fact that the Chapter held no meetings and made no returns during the years 1845-48. Very many Chapters were dormant at that time and afterward revived."

The minutes of the Grand Chapter of New York for 1845 record the presence of Elias Phillips as the representative of Hiram Chapter, No. 4. In 1849, H.L. Palmer represented Hiram Chapter, No. 4 and paid $10 dues from the Chapter. The following appears in the proceedings:

"A Petition from Hiram Chapter, No. 4, for the remission of dues having been read, it was RESOLVED, That the dues of Hiram Chapter, No 4. Except for the past year, be remitted. A petition that Hiram Chapter, No. 4 held at Trenton, N.J.,, be removed to Eatontown, N.J. was read and referred to the Standing Committee on Warrants.''

The Committee subsequently reported a resolution authorizing the removal.

It might be noted here that Elias Phillips was a very active member of Hiram Chapter at this time and was a Past High Priest, having been the fourth among that number.

Companion Voorhis further states about the missing pages: "As to the possibility of no meetings having been held during that period, I have examined the stubs of the six pages that were removed from the minute book by cutting and, with the use of a special glass for that purpose, find that at least two lines on these fragmentary leaves which are beyond doubt the last portions of two letters of words. While the convocations (or possibly the meetings which were not opened in due form that they might be called official convocations) were unquestionably few in number, I am convinced that meetings or gatherings took place." This must be an accurate guess or else why would the request be made to move the location of the Chapter from Trenton to Eatontown in 1849?

After the hiatus, the next heading is "A Special Meeting of Hiram Chapter, No 4. Held at the Masonic Hall at Eatontown on Saturday, May 27th, A: D. 1849 (A. I. 5649,)" when there was a "celebration of the capstone of King Solomon’s Temple."

Following the minutes of the Convocation of January 9, 1854, there appears on a separate page: "A petition was presented to the G. C. of the State of New York to be absolved from their jurisdiction with a recommendation to the General Grand Chapter of the United States to receive Hiram Chapter under their jurisdiction and especial care. The Grand Chapter of the State of New York having consented to the request, authority was received from the General Grand Secretary of the General Grand Chapter of the United States having date November 16th, 1854, to proceed with their work."

The Proceedings of the General Grand Chapter also took note of this acceptance of Hiram Chapter, No. 4, but also took note of the fact that they made some delay in so doing because "some papers in the case had been lost." These are the Proceedings of the General Grand Chapter for the Triennial which met in Hartford, Connecticut, on September 11, 1856. The General Grand Chapter had granted "leave for Hiram Chapter No. 4, to meet at Eatontown, N.J., on the date of February 23, l856.

The Convocation following, on December 27, 1854, gives the information that two brothers "were exalted to the sublime and august degree of Holy Royal Arch."

On January 8, 1855, Charles S. Brooks, William H. Chasey and Francis White of Washington Lodge, No. 9, of Eatontown were proposed for membership. On June 2, 1855, Edward Wardell of Mystic Brotherhood Lodge, No. 21, was proposed. This is the first mention of Mystic Brotherhood Lodge in the minutes of Hiram Chapter.

The minutes of the Convocation for September 4th, 1857, shows a double entry in the minute book. This is also shown for a Convocation for the fifth of September 1857. It is also interesting to note that there were convocations on the 8th and 9th of September. This is a very interesting note because Grand Chapter held its Convocation in Eatontown on the 9th of September 1857. The Grand Chapter had been organized in Burlington on February 13, 1857, and had held the installation of officers and received the Warrant from the General Grand Chapter on that date. So the Convocation that was held in Eatontown, September 9, 1857 was the second Annual Grand Convocation.

The Convocation of Hiram Chapter on September 9, 1857, was the last Convocation of the Chapter as "Hiram Chapter, No. 4."



Action within New Jersey Capitular Masonry (excepting for Hiram Chapter, No. 4, was very sporadic from 1836 to 1854. There were a few attempts at organizing chapters but none were really successful.

On the 22nd of September. 1854, the General Grand Chapter, through its General Grand King, Charles Gilman, issued a dispensation for the formation of a chapter at Jersey City to be known as Enterprise, No. 2. On the 23rd of February 1856, General Grand High Priest Robert P. Dunlap granted a dispensation for a chapter at Burlington to be called Boudinot, No. 5. Warrants for both were issued at the triennial session of the General Grand Chapter on the eleventh of September 1856. This is also the date on which Hiram Chapter, No. 4, received its warrant from the General Grand Chapter to replace the Warrant from New York. Now there are three chapters all with warrants from a legally constituted body so that all is ready for a Grand Chapter of New Jersey to be formed.

Representatives of these three chapters gathered together by appointment at the Odd Fellow's Hall in Burlington on the 30th of December 1856. Presiding over the group was Malanzo J. Drummond, the representative of the General Grand High Priest. He was from Brooklyn, New York. The group adopted the Constitution of the Grand Chapter of Maine as a temporary body of rules and officers were elected. The temporary secretary was Francis Corlies, of Hiram Chapter, who was authorized to apply to the General Grand High Priest for a warrant that would allow the constituting of a Grand Chapter for the State of New Jersey.

The warrant was accordingly issued with date of January 24, 1857. The three chapters assembled at Lyceum Hall, Jersey City, on the 13th of February 1857, with Most Excellent Companion Malanzo J. Drummond again representing the General Grand Body. He performed the honors by constituting the new Grand Chapter of New Jersey and installing the officers.

Also at this convocation a special committee was selected to draft a constitution for this new Grand body. They performed their duty well and the Constitution was "approved at a special Grand Convocation, again held in Jersey City on April 30, 1857.

The Grand Convocation for the year 1857 was held in Eatontown at the home of Hiram Chapter. The officers elected at Burlington were re-elected and again installed by M.E. Companion Drummond. Warrants were issued to Hiram Chapter, No. 1, Enterprise Chapter, No. 2, Boudinot Chapter, No. 3, and Scott Chapter, No. 4. All with the date of September 9, 1857.

The work of the chapter was exemplified on the dates of the 8th and 9th of September in Hiram Chapter No. 4, under the direction of M.E. Companion Drummond. The work was accepted and adopted as the standard work to be used in this Grand Chapter. That was the last Convocation as Hiram Chapter, No. 4; henceforth with a new warrant and number, it was Hiram Chapter, No. 1.





At a Special Convocation of Hiram Chapter held at their Chapter in Eatontown on Wednesday the 8th Day of September A.L. 5857



George A. Tator M.E.H.P

Francis Corlies E.K.

Daniel A. Holmes E.S.

Francis Johnson C.H.

Ellwin S. Green P.S.

James A. Perrine GM3V

J.A.S. Crater GM2V

James E. Lippincott GM1V

Hubbard Dennis Sent

John P. Lewis, PHP

A Past Master’s Lodge was opened when Brother Welch was seated in the Oriental Chair of King Solomon and presided as Master of the Lodge. No further work in this degree.

A Most Excellent Master’s Lodge was opened when Brother Welch was received and acknowledged as a Most Excellent Master.

The Sentinel announced the names of the G.H.P William S. Doggett, P. Drummond, H.P., Comp Lithauer, G Treas and Comp Alex. Driver of Enterprise Chapter No. 2 of New York.

The officers of the Grand Chapter were received with Masonic Honors and the Companions accompanying them in due form.

The Lodge closed in Harmony,

John P. Lewis



At a special convocation of Hiram Chapter No 1, held at their Hall on Wednesday, Sep. 9, A.L. 5857



Wm. H. Doggett G.H.P. Ellwood S. Green

Wm. W. Gordon E.G.K. Jordan Wooley

George A. Tator ".G.S J.A.S. Crater

L. Lithauer ".G.Sec. Jas A. Perrine

D. A. Holmes ".C.H. Robert Laird

F. Corlies ".R.A.C James Anderson

M.J. Drummond P.Sojour. Edward Wardell

Hubbard Dennis Sent. Samuel Laird

John P. Lewis, P.H.P Peter Parker Hudson of New York

The Chapter was opened in ample form and called from labour to refreshment until 4 of the clock P.M.

At 4 of the clock P.M. the chapter was called from refreshment to labour. Brothers John W. Welch, George W. Brown and James H. Patterson, M.E. Masters’ being desirous to receive higher honors in the Royal art were raised to the august and Sublime degree of H.R.Arch. The Chapter was then closed by the M.E.G.H.P in due and ample form.

John P. Lewis, Sec.


The 865th, a Special Convocation of HIRAM CHAPTER No. 1 R.A.M., was opened in the Tabernacle, in the room of Mystic Brotherhood Lodge. No. 21, F. & A. M., at 7:45 P.M., Eastern Daylight Saving Time for the purpose of celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the formation of this Chapter as Hiram Chapter, No. 4 at Trenton, N.J. on May 18, 1925 A.D.

All of the officers, with the exception of the Treasurer, Companion H. Raymond Eisner, who was in Europe on business, were in their respective stations. The opening was preceded by a banquet to the M.E. Grand High Priest, Frank C. Sayrs and his Associate Officers of the Grand Chapter of New Jersey, together with the Past High Priests of Hiram Chapter, the Officers of Hiram Chapter, the Past Grand High Priests, and the Grand Officers of the State of New York. This was prepared by Companion James H. Wolcott of Hiram Chapter.

Delegations were received by the M.E. High Priest, Frederick Brown, as follows:

Delta Chapter, No. 14 George C.D. Hurley, P.H.P.

Standard Chapter, No. 35 John C. Rush, P.H.P.

Goodwin Chapter, No. 36 Alexander J. McCoach, P.H.P.

P.H.P’s from all other Chapters Frederick T. Hurley, P.H.P.

Rt. Ex. Comp. Donald J. Sargent

G. Van Voris Warner Grand Master of Council R&SM

Grand Officers of New Jersey Joseph M. Lessig, P.H.P.

Grand Officers of New York William M. Thompson, P.H.P.

The reception of the Grand Officers was followed by the address of welcome to the Grand Body by M. E. H. P. Frederick Brown, who turned the gavel over to M. E. Companion Frank C. Sayrs, Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of New Jersey, who in turn received M. E. Companion Charles E. Hunt, Grand Secretary of the Grand Chapter of New York and personal representative of the Most Excellent Grand High Priest of Royal Arch Masons for that State.

These ceremonies completed the Address of Welcome was rendered by the Reverend Robert Mac Kellar, Chaplain and our eldest Past High Priest, who spoke at some length on many jovial topics in his greeting in the name of the Companions of Hiram Chapter to the visiting Companions.

The M. E. Grand High Priest. Frank C. Sayrs, then delivered a short but very emphatic address.

This was followed by the Address of the Speaker of the Evening, Right Excellent Companion Ossian Lang, Grand Historian for the Grand Lodge of the State of New York, who addressed the Companions on the subject of Masonic Relationship in its various phases. While the shortness of the time was apparent, Right Excellent Companion Lang gave a most interesting discourse.

Most Excellent Companion Hunt, representing the Grand High Priest for the State of New York, then made some very fitting remarks on our relationship to that body.

The Historical Address was then delivered by Companion Harold V.B.Voorhis, Secretary, at the conclusion of which several archives of the Chapter were exhibited, followed by the distribution of the souvenir of the occasion, a replica in bronze of the original seal of Hiram Chapter No. 4. properly inscribed.

The M.E.H.P. then called upon Rt. Ex. Companion Marion H. Hall, D.G.H.P, who made some very pleasing and instructive remarks.

These remarks were followed by others by Excellent Companions K. Herman Stoye and John C. Rush, Past High Priests of Hiram Chapter.

At this point, Triune Chapter, Order of the DeMolay, thru Companion Herbert W. Barber, presented the Chapter with a handsome silver banded gavel which was handed to the D.G.H.P. Marion H. Hall, who wielded it for the first time in closing the 865th Convocation of Hiram Chapter.

There were present besides the Officers of the Chapter, the following Past High Priests of Hiram Chapter:

Ex.Companion Robert MacKellar

Ex.Companion William M. Thompson

Ex.Companion John C. Rush

Ex.Companion K. Herman Stoye

Ex.Companion Alexander D. Cooper

Ex.Companion Alexander J. McCoach

Ex.Companion Howard J. Bailey

Ex.Companion Wilson E. Coe

Ex.Companion J. Lester Eisner

Ex.Companion Frederick T. Hurley

Ex.Companion Joseph M. Lessig

Ex.Companion George C. D. Hurley

Members of Hiram Chapter Present 178

Visitors 128

Total 306

An Extract from the FELLOWSHIP FORUM recorded the event thus:




Royal Arch Masons at Red Bank, N.J., Celebrate Body’s Centennial.

Red Bank, N.J. --- More than 300 Royal Arch Masons gathered in the tabernacle of Hiram Chapter No. 1, recently to celebrate the centennial of the institution of the Chapter. The speaker was R.E. Ossian Lang, of New York City, who compared American ideas of antiquity, as represented by a century of Royal Arch Masonry, with conditions of the unchangeable East, which is much the same in its physical aspects and many of its customs as in the days of King Solomon. He also told how Masonry had recently returned to Syria, the land of its origin.

There was a historical address by Harold V. B. Voorhees, Secretary, and a musical program. Delegations were present from chapters at Keyport, Long Branch and Manasquan, and representatives from many other New Jersey Chapters. The souvenir was a medal reproducing the seal of the Chapter.

The representation from New York on this occasion was appropriate, for Hiram Chapter was under the jurisdiction of the Grand Chapter of New York from 1842 to 1856.

One of the interesting stories that have been told of our old Lodges is that of the "MOON LODGES." These are the Lodges that held their communications by the phases of the moon. Their dates for holding communications would be announced as "the first Tuesday on or before the full moon." The reason was to select a night when the most moonlight would be available for the members to see to find their way home by the light of the full moon.

Among the minutes of Hiram Chapter, we find the following: "On November 1. 1858, there was an interesting resolution:

RESOLVED, that the regular meetings of this Chapter shall hereafter be held on the first Monday succeeding the full moon in each and every month"

Twenty five years later, November 15, 1883, a resolution, which was adopted on December 13 1883, was received to the effect that the meeting date of Hiram Chapter be changed to Wednesday on or before the full moon of each month.

In the year 1893, April 26th, the time of the Regular Convocation was proposed to change to the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. This resolution was not approved finally until December 20, 1893.

In 1877, there were four Chapters who held their meeting dates by the phases of the moon; Hiram, No. 1; Brearly, No. 6; Temple, No. 12; and Richmond, No. 22. By the change by Hiram Chapter in 1893, only Brearly Chapter remained a "Moon Chapter."



At the Convocation of April 6, 1874, a committee of three was appointed to wait upon three of our Companions "for the purpose of persuading them. (if possible) to abstain from the use of Intoxicating Liquors [sic] or use the same with more moderation as by their excessive use it at the present time and months past they are not only degrading themselves, disgracing their families, but are bringing our ancient order into disrepute and keeping good material from connecting themselves with the Chapter, who were it otherwise, would perhaps join the same."

These Companions appeared at a later date separately and offered their apologies, making promises to adjust themselves in accordance with the wishes of the Chapter.




One of the moments of pride in the history of any body of Masonry must come when a group of its members decide to form a new body and asks to be sponsored by the parent group. The minutes of Hiram Chapter show three of these incidents.

At a special Convocation of Hiram Chapter, held on December 14, 1863, the High Priest Daniel A. Holmes gave a lengthy lecture on the conditions and finances of the Chapter. When we say lengthy, it must be reported that his report took up six pages of the minutes of the Convocation. Also mentioned in a couple of lines was this sentence: "The brethren are desirous of organizing a Chapter at Keyport."

At the Convocation of August I, 1865, "A Petition was presented by Several Companions chiefly located in the Village of Keyport to be recommended to the Grand Chapter for a Dispensation to open a Chapter to be named Delta, which was granted."

The Warrant of Delta Chapter, No. 14, is dated September 19, 1865. It has celebrated its 100th Anniversary and is still an active body.

At the Convocation of November 27, 1871, a petition from eleven Companions asking for a recommendation to form a new Chapter to be called Solomon Chapter to be located at Toms River, New Jersey, was granted.

The Charter of Solomon Chapter, No. 28, was declared forfeit at the Grand Convocation on September 9, 1885. The Chapter was probably formed under the leadership of George Joy, a printer of Toms River and a Past High Priest of Hiram Chapter. He printed By Laws in 1872. He was also listed as Grand King for 1872.

Solomon Chapter was a small but enthusiastic group as seen in this report of the Grand Scribe for 1878:

"Tuesday, July 9, 1878, I visited, officially, Solomon Chapter, No. 28, at Toms River. The attendance was encouraging, one member having ridden sixteen miles, another ten, to obey the call of their chief. The evening was spent in instruction and, I trust, with profit. These Companions are cemented together in loving fellowship, and illustrate a harmony and fraternal devotion which might well be imitated by Chapters in more comfortable circumstances. Anxious to perfect themselves and serious in their endeavors, they leave no visiting officer in doubt of the sincerity of their cordiality."

A petition of a constitutional number of Companions for a recommendation to form a new Chapter to be called Standard Chapter to be located at Long Branch was received on January 17, 1876. The matter was discussed and the petition was withdrawn. Another was agreed upon but on motion, the matter was laid on the table.

On March 13, the matter was finally agreed upon after the exemplification of the four degrees before the Chapter, and on April 10, Hiram Chapter received an invitation to be present on April 13th at Templar Hall in Long Branch for the institution of Standard Chapter.

On October 9. 1876, an invitation was extended to Hiram Chapter to attend the Institution of Standard Chapter again appears in the minutes. Apparently for the 11th of October.

The Warrant of Standard Chapter, No. 35, is dated September 13, 1876. It was declared forfeit and recalled by the Grand Chapter in 1971 after 95 years of Capitular service.




On October 3, 1857, the heading is:

"At a regular Convocation of Hiram Chapter, No. 1……….."

On August 30, 1858, we find that William H. Doggett, Most Excellent Grand High Priest, visited Hiram Chapter, No. 1. at Eatontown and presided in the East. What he said or the occasion for his visit is not to be found in the minutes.

At a Special Convocation on September 8, 1864, the Grand High Priest of the State of New Jersey was present, His name was never mentioned in the minutes, just his title. (John Sheville was his name.)

At a Special Convocation on January 3, 1867, a motion was made to remove the Chapter to Red Bank. This was held over until the next Convocation to which every Companion was to be notified. (It is interesting to note that in the Proceedings for 1872 one of the Grand Officers suggested this move because most of the Companions had to come over five miles to Eatontown. It seems that most of them were from Shrewsbury and Colts Neck.

A bill for a Book of Marks was presented, dated April 15, 1867. The amount was $4.25.

At several places in the next few years there are discussions relative to the move to Red Bank. A resolution concerning this event came up on April 15, 1867, but was again "laid over" until October 1867. On the 12th of October, the matter was "indefinitely postponed."

At a Convocation of February 6, 1871, "a committee was appointed to solicit subscriptions for the purpose of erecting a Suitable Monument over the Grave of our once beloved and now departed Companion, Past Deputy Grand High Priest, Daniel A. Holmes."

At a later Convocation, June 5, 1871, a motion for the Chapter to donate $50.00 for the above monument was lost but the money was voted unanimously to be presented to his widow.

At the Convocation of September 28, 1874:

"At this time the Resolution offered by Companions J. Corlies, and John P. Cooper to move to Red Bank was received and laid over until the next Convocation when all the Companions were to be again summoned to attend, This matter was taken up at the Convocation of Oct. 26, and after considerable discussion was lost."

On August 19, 1878, the following Resolution is recorded:

RESOLVED, that as soon as the necessary arrangements can be made the Convocations of this Chapter to be held at the rooms of Mystic Brotherhood Lodge, No. 2l, at Red Bank, N.J.

On September 2, 1878, this Resolution was voted on and the result showed Ayes 13, Nay’s 5, blanks 2 and was declared lost.

On the 16th of September, another resolution was presented on the same subject. It was agreed to summon all the Companions to the next Convocation for discussion and vote on the matter. At this Convocation, also, the matter of contributing $10.00 toward the relief of the Yellow Fever suffers in the Southern States was passed.

On October 14, 1878, the Resolution on removal was again brought up and after discussion voting resulted in Ayes 19, Nays 2, and 1 excused from voting. The Resolution carried.

On December 16, 1878, the Annual Convocation of Hiram Chapter was held. This was the last Convocation to be held in Eatontown at the home of Washington Lodge, No. 9. The report of the Treasurer showed a balance of $70.88 when the Chapter moved to Red Bank.

The first Convocation of Hiram Chapter, No. 1. was held "at the Rooms of Mystic Brotherhood Lodge, Red Bank." 'The date was January 13, 1879, with twenty Officers and Companions present plus four visitors from Standard Chapter, No 35 of Long Branch. Also the Grand High Priest, George H. Jones and Past Grand High Priest Thomas H. R. Redway were present. The installation on that occasion was open to Master Masons.

The Committee on the Removal of the Chapter made their report on March 25, 1879, at which time the cost of the procedure was announced -- $69.91.

On November 22, 1881, the petition of Dr. Edwin Field was presented. He was to become one of the distinguished members of Hiram Chapter over the next forty years.

On the 25th of March, 1885, "this regular Convocation was held in the new rooms in the building owned by Adlam and Cole."

On December 11, 1894, the dues were raised from $1.50 to $2.00 by a resolution.

The Minutes of the May 22, 1906, Convocation make mention of the fact that Excellent Companion A. Max Weiss, the High Priest, and Companion Robert MacKellar, Excellent King, attended the 50th Anniversary of the Grand Chapter. These two Companions were stalwarts in Hiram Chapter for many years. The Library of Mystic Brotherhood Lodge was a contribution by the daughters of Companion Weiss. The Past High Priest's Jewel of Companion MacKellar was one of the deposits made by Hiram Chapter in the cornerstone of this building in 1962.

On March 28th, 1911, we find the following: "Last Regular Convocation in old rooms." Above the minutes of the next Convocation, on April 11, 1911, we find: "First Convocation in New Rooms ---Eisner Building." This was to be the home of Hiram Chapter until 1963, when Hiram Chapter moved into the present building.






A gala dinner meeting of Hiram Chapter No. 1 was held at Charlie Browns Steakhouse in Tinton Falls, NJ on Tuesday evening, May 9, 2000. The Most Excellent Grand High Priest, Frederick I. Waldron honored us with his attendance and dispensation to hold this open Convocation, No. 1888. Forty-Two and Ladies were present for the evening festivities to celebrate the 175th Anniversary of the original Charter of Hiram Chapter, No 4. Ex Companion Ronald M. Maslo was the Master of Ceremonies for the evening.

Each companion was presented with a digital watch, the face of which contained the original seal of Hiram Chapter and a History of Hiram Chapter. The Ladies were presented with an individual Red Carnation, symbolic of Royal Arch Masonry.

The program consisted of:

Welcome Ronald M. Maslo, PHP

Invocation Frederick J. Schlosser, PHP. Chaplain

Dinner of Beef, Chicken or Fish

Comments by the Most Excellent High Priest Lewis Miller

A Brief History of Hiram Chapter No. 1 Lewis Birt, PDDGHP, PGH, PHP, PT

Recognition o:f

the Most Senior Past High Priest Present

the Most Senior Companion Present

The Ladies of the Companions

Memories to Be Shared All

Comments by the Most Excellent Grand High Priest Frederick I. Waldron, MEGHP

Benediction Frederick J. Schlosser, PHP, Chaplain

The Committee for the evening was comprised of:

Ronald M. Maslo, PHP, Chair

Lewis J. Birt, PDDGHP, PGH, PHP,PT

Harry Joughin, PHP, PGH, Secretary

Conrad Dean Foster, Principal Sojourner

A fine evening of Masonic Harmony, Fellowship and fun was experienced by all.




This Year -- 2000

Lewis Miller Most Excellent High Priest

Ralph A. Perone Excellent King

Michael L. Hawks Excellent Scribe

Maver J. Campbell, PHP Treasurer

Harry M. Joughin, PHP Secretary

Frederick E. Scholsser, PHP Chaplain

Lewis J. Birt, PHP Captain of the Host

Conrad D. Foster Principal Sojourner

Dennis L. Stewart Royal Arch Captain

Wilbur S. Guertin, Jr. Grand Master of the Third Veil

Albert F. Buckman, Jr., PHP Grand Master of the Second Veil

Noble Colclough, PHP Grand Master of the First Veil

Ronald M. Maslo, PHP Tyler


Twenty-Five Years Ago -- 1975

Melvin Schreier Most Excellent High Priest

Stephen Keane Excellent King

Paul Diesing Excellent Scribe

Donald J. Cutler, Jr. Treasurer

Earl E. Lynn Secretary

Emory H. Shavinsky, DDGHP Chaplain

George H. Perino Captain of the Host

Joseph Cowen Principal Sojourner

Maver J. Campbell, PHP Royal Arch Captain

Donald W. Carlson Grand Master of the Third Veil

William R. Frazee Jr. Grand Master of the Second Veil

Herbert V. Disney: PHP Grand Master of the First Veil

Sidney W, Macauley Tyler


Fifty Years Ago—1950 Seventy-Five Years Ago--1925

Hagan W. Mullin MEHP Frederick Brown MEHP

William C. Goetz EK Herbert N. Packard, Jr. EK

Marion W. Woodruff ES Leo K. McKee ES

John S. Reed Treasurer H. Raymond Eisner Treasuref

James R. Wolcott, Jr. Secretary Harold V. B. Voorhis Secretary

Secretary Emeritus Andrew R. Coleman

David H. Bennett Chaplain Robert MacKellar Chaplain

William R. Faretto C of H Virgil Markle C of H

Herbert E. North, Jr. PS Alonzo C. Barrett PS

Randolph E. Stromberg RAC Samuel T. Harvey RAC

John E. Chisolm GM3V John E. Wilson GM3V

Eugene M. Magee, Jr. GM2V Guy L. Belcher GM2V

Harold L. Schnabolk GM1V Kenneth L. Walker GM1V

Organist M. Floyd Smith Organist

William Curchin, Jr. Tyler George A. Van BruntTyler

The officers for our first Convocation, one hundred and seventy-five years ago, as Hiram Chapter, No. 4. are listed earlier in this document.




Hiram Chapter No. 4, Trenton, N.J.

1825-1830 *Thomas L. Woodruff

1831-1842 *John Mershon

1843 *John J. Frisbee

1844 *Elias Phillips

1845-1848 UNKNOWN

Hiram Chapter No.4, Eatontown, N.J.

1849-1850 *John P. Lewis

1851 *George Finch

1852 *Jacob W. Morris

1853-1854 *John P. Lewis

1855-1857 *George A. Tator

Hiram Chapter No. 1, Eatontown, N.J.

1857-1859 *George A. Tator

1860-1863 *Daniel A. Holmes

1864-1869 *James H. Patterson

1870-1871 *George M. Joy

1872 *Thomas G. Chattel

1873-1874 *James H. Patterson

1875 *William B. Lippincott

1876-1877 *Jehu P. Cooper

1878 *Thomas Cook

Hiram Chapter No.1, Red Bank, N.J.

1879 *James H. Patterson

1880-1888 * William C. Cullington

1889-1890 *Edwin Field

1891-1892 *George T. Hook

1893 *George V. Sneeden

1894-1901 *Charles B. Parsons

1902 *Jacob P. Borden

1903-1906 *Abram Max Weis

1907-1908 *Robert MacKeller

1909 *Carl Schwenker

1910 *William M. Thompson

1911-1913 *John C. Rush

1914 *K. Herman Stoye

1915 *Alexander D. Cooper

1916 *Alfred Botticher

1917 *Alexander J. McCoach

1918 *Howard J. Bailey

1919 *Wilson E. Coe

1920 *J. Lester Eisner

1921 *Walter C. Van Keuren

1922 *Frederick T. Hurley

1923 *Joseph M. Lessig

1924 *George C. D. Hurley

1925 *Frederick Brown

1926 *Herbert N. Packard, Jr.

1927 *Virgil Markle

1928 *Alonzo C. Barrett

1929 *Leo K. McKee

1930 *Frederick T. Hurley

1931 *J. Edward Wilson

1932 *Jack Arnold, Sr.

1933 *Thomas Gilbert Shultis

1934 *Walter A. McCoach

1935 *Albert W. Van Nostrand

1936 *William A. Barrett

1937 *Ernest H. Priest

1938 *Roland M. Fennimore

1939 *Harold V. B. Voorhis

1940 *Robert A. Williams

1941 *Karl F. Simcox

1942-1943 *Herbert W. Barber

1944 *Leon M. Kelley

1944 *Robert H. Noyes-(Affiliated)

1945 *John S. Read

1946 *James R. Wolcott, Jr.

1947 *Emerson F. Younger

1948 *Richard T. Clark

1949 *Theodore E. Nestler

1950 *Hagan W. Mullin

1951 *William C. Goetz

1952 *Marion W. Woodruff

1953 *William R. Faretto



1956 *Albert F. Sauer

1957 *Samuel Craig

1958 *John L. Brand

1959 *Harry L. Heaviland

1960 *William J. MacIntosh

1961 *Rudolph H. Gunther

1962 *Herbert V. Disney

1963 Lewis J. Birt

1964 *Clarence E. Gordon, Jr.

1965 *Joseph C. Coty

1966 *Frederick T. Kling

1967 Kenneth F. Reed

1968 *Claude H. Salmons

1969 *Harry E. Chamberlain

1970 Walter D. Bayconich

1971 Robert C. Beatty



1972 Max Stern (Affiliated)

1973 *Emory J. Shavinsky, Jr.

1974 *William R. Schultz

1975 *Melvin Schreier

1976 Stephen Kene

1977-1978 *Paul W. Diesling








1987 *Carlos Fraticelli

1988 Edward C. McMullen

1989-1990 Kenneth F. Luker

1991 Frank Invernale

1992 Ronald M. Maslo

1993 Samuel L. Stine

1994 William T. Alexander

1995 Noble Colclough

1996 Albert F. Buckman, Jr.

1997-1999 Samuel L. Stine

2000 Lewis Miller


2002 Michael Hawks

2003 Dennis L. Stewart

2004 Richard E. Faller

2005 Richard E. Faller

* Deceased


1825 *Zachariah Ropell

*Charles Burroughs

*John Mershon

*Charles M. Wells

*Daniel C. Croxall

*Daniel Hutchinson

1841 *Joseph H. Hough

1857 *Henry C. Northam

1858 *John P. Lewis

1860 *Francis Corlies

1861 *Charles A. Vanderveer

1862 *George W. Houghton

1867 *Daniel A. Holmes

1870 *Arthur Wilson

1875 *William M. Bennett

1877 *Robert Pay

1878 *Arthur Wilson

1880 *George O. Waterman

1881 *Arthur Wilson

1882 *George O. Waterman

1883 *Thomas H. Applegate

1884 *Jehu P. Cooper

1896 *Andrew R. Coleman

1922 *Harold V. B. Voorhis

1939 *William A. Barrett

1940 *Harold V. B. Voorhis

1948 *James R. Wolcott, Jr.

1950 *Herbert W. Barber

1954 *Emerson F. Younger

1974 Lewis J. Birt

1975 *Earl E. Lynn

1976 *Melvin Schreier

1980 Ronald D. Ennis

1993 Harry M. Joughin

2004 Dennis L. Stewart


* Deceased


1825 *G. P. Glentworth

1841 *Charles Burroughs


1857 *Jordan Wooley

1861 *Joseph H. Cooper

1862 *Francis Johnson


1897 *Jehu P. Cooper

1903 *Sigmund Eisner

1926 *Frederick L. Fite

1930 *Herbert N. Packard, Jr.

1931 *A. Trumbull Smith

1947 *John S. Read

1953 *Marion W. Woodruff

1954 *Albert W. Van Nostrand

1966 Maver J. Campbell

1969 *Herbert E. North, Jr.



2000 Ronald M. Maslo

* Deceased


Year No. Total Year No. Total Year No. Total

1825 3 3 1896 1 215 1955 16 769

1826 1 4 1897 2 217 1956 22 791

1827 5 9 1899 3 220 1957 16 807

1828 6 15 1901 6 226 1958 15 822

1829 2 17 1903 3 229 1959 4 826

1832 2 19 1904 3 232 1960 4 830

1839 2 21 1905 8 240 1961 15 845

1841 1 22 1907 5 245 1962 11 856

1842 5 27 1908 2 247 1963 3 859

1848 13 40 1909 3 250 1964 8 867

1849 3 43 1910 13 263 1965 10 877

1850 2 45 1911 3 266 1966 2 879

1851 5 50 1912 11 277 1967 2 881

1854 2 52 1914 6 283 1968 2 883

1855 7 59 1915 3 286 1969 4 887

1856 3 62 1916 2 288 1970 2 889

1857 11 73 1917 4 292 1971 5 894

1858 1 74 1918 4 296 1972 5 899

1859 2 76 1919 12 308 1973 5 904

1862 1 77 1920 18 326 1974 5 909

1863 1 78 1921 51 377 1975 3 912

1864 7 85 1922 30 407 1976 3 915

1865 14 99 1923 32 439 1977 1 916

1866 6 105 1924 28 467 1978 6 922

1867 13 118 1925 22 489 1979 1 923

1868 3 121 1926 23 512 1980 2 925

1869 1 122 1927 15 527 1981 3 928

1870 7 129 1928 8 535 1982 2 930

1871 16 145 1929 12 547 1983 4 934

1872 3 148 1930 10 557 1984 4 938

1873 9 157 1931 7 564 1985 5 943

1874 4 161 1933 3 567 1986 1 944

1875 1 162 1935 6 573 1987 3 947

1876 2 164 1936 5 578 1988 1 948

1877 2 166 1937 1 579 1989 2 950

1878 2 168 1938 2 581 1990 4 954

1879 2 170 1940 1 582 1991 4 958

1880 3 173 1941 1 583 1992 1 959

1882 3 176 1942 9 592 1993 0 959

1883 1 177 1943 6 598 1994 0 959

1884 5 182 1944 35 633 1995 1 960

1885 3 185 1945 8 641 1996 1 961

1886 3 188 1946 18 659 1997 1 962

1887 2 190 1947 7 666 1998 3 965

1888 3 193 1948 16 682 1999 1 966

1889 8 201 1949 36 718 2000 ? ?

1890 2 203 1950 7 725 2001 ? ?

1891 1 204 1951 11 736 2002 0 ?

1893 8 212 1952 6 742 2003 ? ?

1894 1 213 1953 8 750 2004 ? ?

1895 1 214 1954 3 753



Originally Chartered Companions 10

Subsequently Healed Companions 1

Affiliated Companions 28

Mark Master Only 4

Past Master Only 6

Most Excellent Master Only 9

Exhalted Royal Arch Mason 966

Total Members over 175 Years of Hiram History 1024




The last relic of Hiram Chapter, No. 4, RAM (that is still in use) is the cryptic title found on the back cover of the Bible used by Washington Lodge, No. 9. F&AM, Eatontown, NJ, reminiscent of the days when these two Masonic Bodies shared their meeting place and the same Bible for their Communications and Convocations.



Hiram Chapter No. 4-Trenton-NJ

Hiram Chapter No. 4-Eatontown-NJ

Hiram Chapter No. 1-Masonic Hall-54 Broad Street-Red Bank-NJ

Hiram Chapter No. Masonic Temple-152 Maple Avenue-Red Bank, NJ



This brief history of Hiram Chapter was originally written by R.E. Harold V.B. Vorhees for the 150th Anniversary Celebration in 1975. It was updated and modified by Ex Ronald M. Maslo and reviewed for accuracy by R.E. Lewis J. Birt and R.E. Harry Joughin.

The Cover was designed by R.E. Lewis J. Birt.