Worshipful Master Message

Message from the Worshipful Master

Dear Brethren,

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Let me start by wishing all brethren everywhere in Haifa, Israel and in the world a very good 2007 and good Masonic achievements during the next year.


Exactly 10 years have elapsed since I first took to the Chair. And thereafter, I have enjoyed several years in a few Grand Lodge positions. Though it might seem a step backwards I feel I have taken even a bigger challenge and obligation.





Is the Lodge's motto for the next few years!


We shall do the utmost to rejuvenate the lodge and inspire the brethren to do so.


Whilst serving as Haifa Area Superintendent I saw lodges in their glory and unfortunately also some in their weakest moments. We will aspire to help all other Haifa Lodges so that we can be more integrated and thus more inspiring and stronger alongside the community we are living in.

We aim to give a lot in order to receive plenty.


Haifa passed last year a horrible war that influenced Masonic life and as a result we had to cancel our 75th Anniversary Party and other event such as the very first No 1 Lodges meeting that was due to take place in Haifa immediately following the anniversary parties.

I am happy to say that the idea of No 1 Lodges meeting was not dropped all together and we shall revert to it as soon as practicable.

Israel, the cradle of Free Masons, will once again see our fellow Brethren from around the world.


Though time is short we have much on our hands. We are off to a fresh start and I hope we will enjoy our doings.



Ilan Reisner

Lodge Master