Mesasge from our Worshipful Master


Dear Brethren,

A great honor was bestowed to me to serve as the Master of Reuven Lodge No.1 on the year it celebrates its 70th anniversary.

Our lodge started it’s way in 1928 under the patronage of the National Grand Lodge of Egypt and it seems like a historical omen- as a son of a freemason who was entered to the freemasonry in Egypt and was active there till he immigrated to Israel.

I would like to thank the Installing Master W Zvi Harel, Installing Director of Ceremony RW Elyakim Hassidoff, and Installing Organist VW Yosseh Lavi for the magnificent work they performed at our December Installation.

I would also like to thank all the Installing Masters, the many Honorable Guests, Members and their families for making that evening so special.

Special thanks are in order for W. Motti Kameo for adding his special touch to the ceremony.

Freemasonry is alive and active in our lodge, and being it our 70th anniversary under Scottish patronage, we elected a team to handle the festivities.

This team plans two main events for this special year, the first being a trip of the brethren to Scotland to visit the Grand Lodge there, which gave us it’s patronage and registered us as lodge # 1376 in their books on September 14th, 1931. The second event will be the publication of a book relating our lodge’s history.

I am confident, with the help of my lodge’s brethren that the year I will serve as its Master, will be quite interesting and enjoyable.


David Castel