One Supreme Architect To All How Come?

Written by Bro. Michael Oshrat


Several months ago brother Danny Tal presented an excellent paper in which he dealt with the concept of Fraternity.

Thanking Danny, RW Bro. Yerry Rahav from the Jacob Caspi Lodge #56 questioned the meaning of Fraternity in other distant cultures. These comments inspired me to delve into the perception of the concept of Supreme Architect in these cultures.

In the opening of every working, the Junior Warden says that he marks the sun in its meridian. This issue is also presented to an Entered Apprentice before his Passing. After having answered a test question, claiming he was Initiated when the sun was in its meridian, we deliberate on the mid-day line, the meridian, paradox. How can we declare that we Initiate candidates when the sun is in its meridian even though our ceremonies take place in the evening hours? We resolve this apparent paradox by saying that Freemasonry is universal and is spread all over the earth. Since Earth is constantly rotating on its axis around the sun, so must Freemasonry always be at high noon somewhere on the surface of our globe.

How come? Let us embark on a virtual journey in quest of the source of human culture universality.

In our ritual we direct our thoughts to the ultimate ancient mason, King Solomon, and to the inspiration he received from the Supreme Architect, the creator of the world.

Numerous designs in the Masonic literature depict Pyramids and Obelisks. We tend to refer these structures to the ancient Egyptian culture, but archeological excavations performed in the last two centuries found astonishingly similar structures in remote ancient civilizations in South America as well as South East Asia. Furthermore, scholars of ancient cultures identified striking similarity of basic social and moral attitudes to those of our Craft: loyalty, mutual aid, respect for ones parents, the sanctity of life, incest taboo, the right of property, all these are the pillars of ancient human communities all over the world.

Clearly these local traditions, with their both physical (practical) and moral (ideological) concepts, developed in times when no means of communication between distant civilizations existed.

What is, then the supreme intelligence which guided our ancestors, wherever they may have dwelled on this planet?

Who are the universe creators, the all-mighty Gods to whom different religions refer in such similar manner, Gods who are the source of knowledge, the fountain of moral principles.

A clue may lie in the fact that all Gods, in all religions, came from heaven, where they are believed to reside, and chart from there the right path for mankind. Most cultures also record affairs of these Gods with human females and the gifted off-springs of such encounters.

But who are these universal Gods? Where did they come from? Where did they go? Will they ever return and when?

These questions bear special significance to the contemporary 'practical masons', those who build rockets, station satellites in orbit and use them to gaze into the endless universe through powerful telescopes.

- The universe where one hundred billion galaxies roam;

- Galaxies containing one hundred billion solar systems each,

- Solar systems just like ours, in which there is a reasonable chance to find a planet at just the right distance from its sun to enable, theoretically the development of life as we know it on planet earth!

According to space scientists, there is a 99.99% probability for the existence of other intelligent communities somewhere in the universe.

NASA just celebrated 10 years of project SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence), analyzing radio signals from outer space, hoping to intercept some broadcast of intelligent species.

Several months ago NASA launched the KEPLER spacecraft with the mission to search for solar systems which have earth like planets.

These are two massive and ambitious missions, unthinkable with the technology we mastered 100 years ago, surely not 1000 or 10,000 years ago.

Until today there are no results!

Yet if we ever do find such an ex-terrestrial species, it is most unlikely that they will be in exactly the same evolutionary phase as ourselves. We will probably meet a civilization either retarded or advanced by tens or hundreds of thousands of years compared to ours.

It is fairly easy to imagine how a civilization 10,000 years younger than ours might look. Archeological findings from our own pre-history can give us some clues.

Figuring out how a civilization 10,000 years 'ahead of us' will look is far more difficult. Considering progress of technology in the last century, it takes some vivid imagination to forecast the way our planet will look in 1000 or 10,000 years

It is however most probable that space travel with control of the time-dimension and mass-energy transitions will be part of reality in such an advanced culture.

Would it therefore be unthinkable that such an advanced civilization visited us several thousands years ago?

And if so, how did our forefathers view the landing of a space craft in their vicinity? Somewhere on the Nile, Mesopotamia, the banks of the Ganges or the Mexican plains? How did the dwellers of those cradles of culture react to the absolute power, the magical technology, the total intellectual superiority of the celestial visitors?

Submissively? With adoration? Attempted imitation? With unconditioned acceptance: Do and obey...?

- Are these our GODS?

- Have these visits been told in numerous legends from generation to generation?

- Is their future return, what so many believers await?

- Is it they who endowed us, wherever they landed, with technical knowledge as well as with moral and social values, to guarantee harmony among humans for generations to come?

Many of these queries were raised by scientists and philosophers in the last decades. The most famous is probably Erich von Daniken, who claimed that Homo-Sapience was created by a cross bread between pre-historic women and ex-terrestrial visitors, who keep visiting us occasionally to monitor this 'genetic experiment'.

These difficult questions will probably remain un-resolved for some time.

Until we find the Temple of the Supreme Intergalactic Grand Lodge of ancient Freemasons (where we will un-doubtfully find out that Mrs. Hassidofs hot dishes beat the Behemoth, Leviathan and Ambrosia of the celestial white table) we will continue pondering, not only regarding the striking resemblance of Egyptian and Mexican Pyramids, as well as that of Egyptian obelisks and Indian Shiva-Lingams, but mostly, the basic similarity of the universal principles of truth, morality and brotherly love wherever mankind resides on earth.

As for us, Freemasons, the sun is always at mid-day.



I would like to thank Worshipful Master of 'Reuven' Lodge, Bro. Eitan Israeli, R.W. Bro. Danny Doron and Bro. Moshe Grimberg for their thoughtful remarks and willing help in preparing this work.