Brief history of our lodge

Unlike other Lodges, Reuven Lodge has three significant dates to rememebr, and this fact by itself points, indirectly, to the history of freemasonry in Israel.

Reuven Lodge was consecrated for the first time on February 22nd 1928 as Lodge No. 288 under the constitution of the National Grand Lodge of Egypt. As it seems (derived from memories of veteran brethren) this lodge ceased to exist in March of 1931. At that time The National Grand Lodge of Egypt was not always recognized by England and Scotland. This depended on the relationship between the Grand Orient d'Egypt and the Grand Loge National d'Egypt.

On September 14th 1931 the lodge was re-consecrated under the constitution of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, and was given the number of 1376. We mark this date as the beginning of our lodge's activities. On September 2001 we celebrated our 70's anniversary.

On May 2001 a large delegation of brethren went to Scotland, to the Grand Lodge there as part of the 70's Jubilee.

In 1953 the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel was consecrated by the Grand Lodge of Scotland, following an appeal from 5 lodges under Scottish Constitution to their Grand Lodge. On that day, all existing lodges in Israel united under the new Israeli Grand Lodge. Being the oldest lodge under Scottish Constitution, we were honoured by receiving No.1. Our founding father and Past Master, who was also the Lord Mayor of Haifa, MW Bro. Shabtai Levi was installed as the first Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel.

On October 2007 another delegation of brethren went to Rome, Italy, to the establish a twinning with Leonardo Da-Vinci lodge no. 194.

On November 2nd 2012 we establish twinning with Thespian lodge no. 256 of Sydney, New South Welles, Australia.

Annual Certificate issued three months before World War II


Gathered from a book issued for the lodge’s 60th anniversary.