My Search For Freemasonry

I was looking for a road that could take me beyond my everyday life experiences, something that would make a difference.

I was searching for that deeper understanding of the hidden mysteries of life such as "Why am I here?". "What is the meaning of my life?" " Is this all there is" I was in search of my spirituality.

Through my studies I learned that in order to change the things around me, I had to look deep inside myself, exploing my spirituality, and making every effort, to do good works, and to try to make a difference in this world, if I possibly could. Freemasonry was an avenue that I was willing to explore, it provided a means of improving ones self, both spiritually and morally. Like the onion, with it's many different layers, such is freemasonry, as you expose each new layer, something new and meaningful becomes apparent , ever convincing you to look just a little deeper.

This ancient brotherhood is steeped in tradition, ritual , and symbolism, making it an honourable society of men, with strong moral obligations. The knowledge that I gained through my own research into Freemasonry, opened my eyes to a wonderful system of morality, knowing, that it is possible in this ever changing world, to strive for the values of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. The belief that we are all brothers and sisters under the fatherhood of our chosen God is first and foremost in Freemasonry.

Freemasonry is a brotherhood, a group of men that are on the same path, willing to help each other, and the others around them. There is a mutual respect towards each others religious and politcal beliefs. Every man has the oportunity to be a Mason, his race, color, creed and social status are not an issue. We all equal in the eyes of our God, and in the lodge, all men are equal. Providing relief for our brother's in times of hardship, monetary or moral, always lending a helping hand when needed. Helping the widow or the orphan, and those in need of assistance. Relief takes on many different forms, but in the end it is the giving of ones self for his fellow man.

In the case of truth, being an upright and honest individual, keeping a high set of moral standards, and maintaining the integrity in his personal, buisness and social life. The Freemason besides keeping himself in check, is also searching for the truth, through study and persistance, ever expanding his knowledge. For a man to live his life like this, is a tall order, but through his belief in his chosen God, giving him the strength and courage to carry on, all is possible. This is the Freemasonry I want in my life.

Bro. Richard Nigg