21st Century Freemason
Freemasonry has long been condemed of being a secret society, with plans of world domination. This is utter nonsense. Changing this global perspective is a challenge, with so much negativity being spread, by different antmasonic groups, intent on destroying this wonderful system of morality. There has been every effort on the part of the various Grand Lodges to change this common point of view, and education is probably the only sure way to get this message across.

With the advent of technology and the World Wide Web (WWW), Freemasonary has become an open book to the public. Men having an interest in pursuing the craft are at a better advantage, now, then 20 years ago. My feeling is that this will encourage more applications for membership, resulting in an influx of better informed new masons.

Researching specific points of Freemasonry has never been easier. With Masonic Forums, mailing lists and online books, a new initiate can find all the information his heart desires. There is a dark side, antimasonic sites abound, so one must be careful. Pick and choose carefully, ask a new found brother what they recomend. Everybody is willing to help, just ask.

Masonic forums and mailing lists are the best way to interact with masons from around the globe. Posting questions, reading new topics and interacting, is a great way to learn about Freemasonry online. Online books are another way to research, start learning about General Freemasonry, your first degree,. then as you advance; 2nd ,3rd degree, History(Origins), Symbolism ( Esoteric knowledge). There are many Masonic Education sites, just go to your favorite search engine and explore. Just remember, there is a symptom called information overload, so take it slow and have fun.

For those who are not plugged into the WWW, reading and asking questions will be the order of the day. This has been the way it has always has been done, and it has worked just fine for centuries. The computer is a tool used for learning, and to make our lives easier in this 21st century technological world, it is to our advantage to use this medium.

There is a vibrant masonic community online exchanging information and expanding the knowledge of new masons. Technology can be a wonderful thing, if used for the good of the global masonic community.

Freemasonry is a life time journey of exploration, if you make the effort , it will be a wonderful experience.

Bro. Richard Nigg