Farmers Lodge No. 153

Chartered September 22, 1848

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Page Last Updated 3/01/2009



      RWB Ronald Willard Sears, District Deputy Grand Master in the 8th Masonic District passed away on February 8, 2009.

      MWB Murphy has ordered all Masonic Lodges in Ohio to drape the Alters as a memorial to this Distinguished Mason for 30 Days from the date of his passing.

      Please keep the Sears Family in your thoughts and prayers in their time of sorrow.



      WB Greg Postle from New Home #338 has been struggling with chest pains and an irregular heartbeat recently, and was admitted and discharged without effect back on February 22nd. He has been wearing a chest monitor and last word was he was again admitted recently for the same problem. I will update as to his condition when I receive notification. Please keep WB Greg in your thoughts and prayers.



      WB Nelson Bell was admitted Friday the 27th, for a regular checkup and found that his blood pressure was extremely high when he was ready for his release. He was treated and released the same evening, and is now doing fine, and was just a complication from some of the fluids he received during the checkup! Glad to hear everything is fine Worshipful!