"Recommended" Reading

If you still want to learn more about Masonry the following list should provide for hours of enjoyable reading (for the non-member, perspective member, and seasoned veteran).

1. cover"Born in Blood" For history buffs, curious Catholics, mystery lovers, and Freemasons everywhere comes the first comprehensive and objective book in more than 100 years on the world's largest fraternal organization.

2.Masonic Letter G

3. cover"Temple and the Lodge" From the authors of the bestseller, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, comes a new book on the origins of Freemasonry. Its mysterious beginnings in the fourteenth century through currents of thought and political upheavals surrounding it in seventeenth-and eighteenth-century Europe are charted.

4. Spirit of MasonryThe spirit of Masonry is the spirit of the eternal "Quest", a key to both individual and group progress toward God's goal for man. In this book Freemasonry is addressed from a spiritual point of view. The reader is shown how the function of modern Masonry is destined to bring spiritual benefits to all people.

5. cover "Bible Application of Freemasonry" It is the aim of this book to make a study of Speculative Masonry and show the human plan as emblematical of the Divine, the object of which is to create a desire for both the study of the Bible in Freemasonry. For Freemasonry is so closely interwoven with Christianity that a clear understanding of the Bible is essential for an appreciation and correct interpretation of Speculative Masonry.

6. cover

7. cover"Emblematic Freemasonry" It is the design of the following studies to present in an ordered sequence the chief aspects which have been assumed by Emblematic Freemasonry and its connection and developments in the course of their progress though the past two centuries. Chapters include: Intimations from the old records; The acception and Robert Fludd; Ancient York Masonry; The Mystical Quest in Freemasonry; Masonic Tradition and the Royal Arch; The second birth of Masonry in the continental rites; Grades of the secrete...

8. cover"The Story of Freemasonry"Originally published in 1904, The Story of Freemasonry by W.G. Sibley is one of those classic sources of Masonic history that should be in every Mason and history buff's library. Unlike treatments of Masonic history by the likes of Mackey, Waite and Gould, Sibley covers the subject in an easy to digest and conversational manner that leaves the reader wanting more. Sibley looks at such topics as the legend of Hiram, the attempts to exterminate Freemasonry, the mystery of the William Morgan affair...

9. cover This book is an excellent guide for the newly-made Master Mason and the Mason who's sat on the sidelines for years watching raising after raising. It explains the symbols of the Craft and gives the meanings behind them in a clear manner. It gives plenty of food for thought, and should be read by all Master Masons that our Craft may be re-invigorated. Priced far below its worth, it is definitely worth the read. Symbols and meanings well put and applicable in your life today, regardless of religious belief or personal creed.

10. cover Freemasonry began with a simple purpose. To make Good Men better Men, and to practice the principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. In its nearly 300 years of formal existence, the fraternity has welcomed men from every walk of life. Commoners and Kings have enjoyed its fellowship and philosophies. These ideals have, over the last three centuries, often been set to verse and it is these poems and inspirational messages that are the purpose of this book.

11. cover

Or conduct your own search for that perfect Masonic book, video, or musical tape.

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