Well how to begin this.........

        My name is Chris Young and I am writing this for anyone who ever thinks of becoming a mason. I have just started on my journey on becoming a mason. I have found that of the deepest of secrets of masonry. It is that of being accepted and equal with other men as god had intended and improving not only your life but others. It is difficult to explain the feelings that I have about masonry. 

    I am not going to get into any of that mushy stuff that you expect to hear about now. I did a lot of research before asking to join. I looked at many mason websites and what good they did. Then I also ran across the websites that swear up and down the masons are taking over the world ( it was worth a good laugh to say the least ). One of the brothers told me that all mason's were brothers and whether rich or poor we were equal and that really surprised me. In today's world for the most part you are pre-judged by a lot of people by how much you make and not the person, but it is the opposite in the mason's. Now I won't lie there are men that have done well for themselves financially, but that is no compare to all of themselves having done well for themselves morally.

     I had talked with quite a few masons to find out how they had felt about freemasonry and even their descriptions of the feelings they have did not prepare me. I am not sure that I would ever be able to describe exactly how I feel, but I will tell you this it has been one of the best decision's in my life. Now I look forward to everything that masonry has to offer me and that I have to offer it. I also look forward to the day that one of my sons or a friend asks me about being a mason so I can try to explain how wonderful the organization truly is.