Kristopher Geiman
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State Orator - Illinois DeMolay

My name is Kristopher Geiman, I am 18 years old and a senior at Zion Benton Township High School in Zion, IL. Some of my interests include, God, Church, DeMolay, weight lifting, cars and motorcycles, and working. I have held three jobs at once with out any sort of complication. I'm not a big athlete, but working out is just as much fun.

My father and two older brothers are all Master Masons. I have great respect for my family for understanding that, even though I am 18, I want to wait to become a Mason because my dreams lie here in DeMolay.

DeMolay became my life just a short time after I joined.
I joined DeMolay at the age of 12, almost six years ago and have gotten out of my 18 years what most people will not get out of 20 years. I have obtained the degree of the Chevalier, I have the Founders Membership Award, RD, Membership Bar, and have completed LCC1. I had the honor of being named DeMolay of the Year at Conclave 2005. I have been Master Councilor for Lakes Chapter 3 times. I find it to be my duty to represent DeMolay to the best of my ability and will do so because we are the future!