Welcome to the Illinois DeMolay High Rollers Club!

The Club is open from January 1st until March 11th,

so get your friends in and build up a KILLER poker hand!

Check out the chart below to see what it takes to get a winning hand!

High Roller Club


And Get.....

1 High Card
2 1 Pair
3 2 Pair
4 Three of a Kind
5 Straight
6 Flush
7 Full House
8 Four of a Kind
9 Straight Flush
10 Royal Flush


What's there to WIN?

GOOD QUESTION! However, much like a real poker game, you won't know what's in the "pot" until the hand is over. One thing is for sure though, the prize will be a GREAT one! So if you think you have what it takes to play with the big boys, step on in to the High Roller Club and prove it! But don't wait, the Club closes on March 11th (the Saturday of Grand Master's Weekend).

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