History of Daylight Lodge #135


In the year 1992 Grand Master H. Allan Ohrt prevailed upon Edwin R. Anderson Past Master of Shiloh Lodge #1, to see if he could gather enough interested Masons in the area, to petition for a Dispensation to form a new Daylight Lodge.

Enough interested Masons were located and the New Lodge was formed, Dispensation was petitioned for and granted.

At the June 1992 Grand Lodge session, the Officers of the Fargo Daylight Lodge U.D. opened the Masonic College by a demonstration of opening Lodge on the Entered Apprentice Degree.

In his report on Mergers and Consolidations, P.G.M. Don Laschkewitsch said: "A new Lodge has been formed under Dispensation from the Grand Master. It is to be known as Fargo Daylight Lodge. Officers have been installed and Degree work conferred. We recommend a Charter be granted it will be Number 135 when approved. All paper work is in order; all fees have been paid and they have been operating under Dispensation for approximately six months." -- Carried

The new Charter was Signed June 13, 1992 by: H. Allan Ohrt Grand Master, James Savaloja D.G.M., Neil C. Rowe S.G.W., Curtiss Mundahl J.G.W., Gary L. Beske Grand Secretary.

During the ensuing summer Grand Master Savaloja asked P.G.M. H. Allen Ohrt to preside at the Dedication of the new Lodge.

The Daylight Lodge's 1992 year end annual report showed a membership of 34 members.

The original Fargo Daylight Lodge Officers were: Worshipful Master; Edwin R. Anderson, Senior Warden; Leonard R. Nygard, Junior Warden; Louis I. Larson; Treasurer; Mervyn R. Beynon, Secretary; Darrel R. Schroeder, Senior Deacon; Raymond H. Severson, Junior Deacon; John H. Ramlo,

Senior Steward; Albert P. Smith, Junior Steward; Albert V. Bauder, Chaplain; Stanley I. Gifford, Tyler; Robert L. Brown.

Note: All of the above listed Officers and all of the following members are Charter members of Fargo Daylight Lodge #135.

Frank E. Anderson, Franklin H. Bancroft, Norbert Benzel, Emil R. Burdick, Lyle B. Clark, Steven W. Downs, Clarence E. Ebert, George H. Gardner,

Kermit C. Gronland, Richard W. Hansen, Oliver I. Hoff, Alfred C. Houglum, Chester A. Jenson, Don A. Kramer, Robert J. Moore, DeLayne G. Nassif, H. Allen Ohrt, James T. Stark, W. D. Syverson, Paul E. Torgeson, Thomas Wickins, Lynn D. Thompson.

During July 2003, the tenth Annual Tiled Lodge and Picnic was hosted by John and Loann Ramlo at their lake home near Park Rapids MN.

At the Installation of Officers for the year 2000, the Clarence Ebert family presented the Lodge with a new set of officer's aprons. W. Brother Clarence was elected an Honorary Past Master of Fargo Daylight Lodge #135 on October 20, 1997. Ill health had forced Clarence to resign as Senior Warden. Clarence passed away on June 30, 1998, age 94 years. W. Brother Clarence, a very dedicated and proficient officer, was very proud to be a member and officer of Daylight Lodge

Membership Growth has been slow and steady, with 55 members at the end of 2003. Most of our members are plural

or dual members. Membership Fees are as follows: Plural $28.00, Dual $50.00, Primary $50.00. Initiation Fee is $100.00. The Lodge has done a number of degree conferrals for other Fargo Lodges.

To date, members initiated into Fargo Daylight Lodge: PM Steven Stong, JW Richard Fowler, Rev. Bill Ziegler Were Initiated and Passed and Raised in Fargo Daylight Lodge.

Daylight Lodge Officers schedule frequent practices and are very proud of their proficiency. Average attendance at most regular communications has been 25. Fargo Daylight Lodge is a member of the North American Conference of Daylight Lodges.

Since its very beginning the Fargo Daylight Lodge has opened their regular Lodge meeting at 10:30 AM on the third Monday of the month and closed lodge at or very near 12:00 PM, except when Dispensation has been granted. It has been customary for the Lodge to be dark during the months of January, February and August.

Following the Stated meeting the Lodge members and their Ladies have always been honored by the presence of the Ladies of the Moorhead Eastern Star Chapter No. 164, who have always severed a very delicious Lunch.

The Fargo Daylight Lodge has had a long-standing custom: Whereby the newly elected Worshipful Master, following his installation pays for the lunch served by the Moorhead Eastern Star Chapter, the cost is set by the Star Chapter.

It has also been customary for the new W.M. to pay the cost of printing his Invitations and Programs.

The following are Past Masters & Honorary PM of Fargo Daylight Lodge #135: Edwin R. Anderson 1992, Leonard R. Nygard 1993, Louis I. Larson 1994, Raymond H. Severson 1995, John H. Ramlo 1996, Albert P. Smith 1997, H. Allen Ohrt Honorary PM 1997, Clarence E. Ebert Honorary PM 1997, Oliver I. Hoff 1998,  Albert V. Bauder 1999, Joseph Lightowler, Jr. 2000, Steven M. Stong 2001, Thomas Wickins Honorary PM & Tyler Emeritus, 2001, Mervyn R. Beynon 2002,                 Gary H. Olson 2003, Merle L. Huhner 2004.



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