2 B 1 ASK 1

What does that mean? To be one ask one.
It means that you must ask a mason to become a mason. For the most part masons will not ask you and will never pressure you. The fraternity is only for those who choose it with their own freewill. Do not worry if you do not think you know a mason when you show interest there may be one closer than you think or you can contact one of the masons on the contact page. You may choose to come by the lodge prior to a meeting, then you can meet some of the members of Coral Gables Lodge who be happy to talk to you in person and give you a petition.  You may also write a letter requesting a petition through the mail or email. See the contact page for mailing address.
For those of you who found this site and are looking for information on becoming a Mason. You have come to the right place. The basic foundation of Masonry is here and it may seem simple but if you have interest or have decided to become a better man then ask for the petition and give it your best.

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