2004 Installation of Officers
The officers of 2004
From left to right:
Eduardo L-Estrada, Byron C. Smith, Jean-Paul Fabres, Dale A. Spear, Barry Wake, John Gardner, Jose L. Branas, Stuart H. Cox, Bernard R. Silva
Past Grand Master M:.W:.Joseph Shurette
2004 Officers



Worshipful Master
W:. Dale A. Spear

Senior Warden
W:. Jean-Paul Fabres

Junior Warden
Barry Wake

W:. Stuart H. Cox

RW:. Bernard R. Silva

Senior Deacon
Eduardo Lorenzo-Estrada

Junior Deacon
Jose L. Branas

W:. John Gardner

W:. Byron C. Smith

The newest Past Master receives his apron
The WM as he is about to be installed

Installing Officer
R:.W:. Zeb E Blanton Sr.

Installing Marshal
R:.W:. John R. Barton

Installing Chaplain
R:.W:. John W. Borsa Jr.

  The Installing Officers with the WM and PM  Making the Proclamation in the South.
  Some of the good refreshments that were enjoyed by all. The Worshipful Master would also like to extend his appreciation to his family for all the help in setting up for this event. The Coral Gables Masonic Center was decorated beautiful.