Century Lodge No. 764 F&A.M.


Proposed Five Year Plan



Financial Goals


  1. Develop historical annual expense trends from Lodge Annual Reports as a financial baseline.
  1. Trend future financial needs based upon reasonable assumptions.
  1. Internally promote Grand Lodge “Life Membership”, and “License Plate” programs among members to stimulate secondary revenue sources.
  1. Anticipate future “expense impacts” on Lodge by working closely with the Freemasons’ Hall Temple Board.
  1. Establish “Annual Fund” for purchase of new/replacement paraphernalia.




  1. Continue to schedule “Masonry’s Door” programs at least annually.


  1. Establish informal annual growth and retention goals and monitor results.


  1. Continue to promote membership in home Lodges with “plural” members to avoid unnecessary membership erosion.


  1. Support Grand Master approved “One Day” classes.


  1. Attempt to maintain our desired target market niche of “managers and professionals”.




1.  Elect and/or appoint only the most qualified and interested fraters as Lodge Officers.


2. Participate annually in Grand Lodge sponsored leadership programs. 


3. Continue with the implementation of an Officer “Mentor Program”.


4. Participate by membership and attendance in the “Actual Masters and Wardens Association of Indianapolis” council for information sharing.


5. Continue to implement continual change to meet the needs of our membership at large.




  1. Continue to maintain “cast lists” for the conferral of all three (3) degrees.


2.  Develop a career profile list for all members (i.e. lawyers, bankers, etc.).


3. Promote fellowship among members by scheduling educational speakers and programs at quarterly.


  1. Internally implement business oriented “job descriptions” for each Officer (i.e. Master is “Chairman” of the Board and the SW is “President”, etc.)


  1. Evolve to five (5) Stated meetings per year plus Called meetings as required.


  1. Perform annual Officer of Lodge “By-laws” to determine if revisions are needed.       


Internal/External Communications


1. Encourage all Century Lodge members to have Internet access.


  1. Continue to internally distribute Lodge information (Minutes, Newsletter, Investigation Committee Forms, Standing Committee Reports, etc.) electronically.


  1. Create and maintain a new Century Lodge “Web page”.


  1. Create and maintain an electronic Century Lodge “Membership Roster” including Lodge By-laws, and critical dates (i.e. Stated Meetings, Feast of St. Johns, etc.)


  1. Continue to support other Masonic organizations through membership and participation.