The Worshipful Master's Address of September 1st, 2002

Brothers All,  

I wish to thank all the members and ladies that attended the Festive Board at the Capri last month. Many thanks to Jim Lindsey for the fine Masonic Education on Allied Masonic Degrees.  

By now, you should have received, an invitation, from Century Lodge to the Columbia Club honoring our Most Worshipful Grand Master Roger S. VanGorden on October 24th at 6:00 PM .  This event will be held on the newly remodeled 10th floor. Please rsvp as soon as you know if you can or cannot attend.  Century Lodge will purchase the member’s meal.   

On September 26th is the Senior Warden’s called meeting (Dinner and Festive Board) honoring our Past Master, Honored Members and our Ladies.   Brother Bill , our Senior Warden, or I  will have more about that event soon.  

Please remember to bring caned foods for Century Lodge’s Community Service donation on October 31, 2002.  We will bag the cans and donate them to a charity after the next Stated Meeting on October 31, 2002.  

At this time Century Lodge has three new petitions to vote on at the next Stated Meeting. If you are on a Investigating Committee please contact these three men. I know of more petitions coming in soon. We may need to call another petition reading meeting before the next Stated Meeting.  

I have received “Official Notice” from our Grand Lodge of Indiana regarding our yearly instruction.  On November 7, 2002 Bob Holler , our Area Representative, will visit our Lodge for this event.  Dinner will be at 6:00 PM on the second floor with the Instruction beginning after our dinner.  We will open, confer, and close on the Fellow Craft Degree. Century Lodge’s books will be inspected at 5:00 PM with our Secretary.  I quote from the Area Representative’s letter “All Lodge Officer’s attendance is Required” No books will be used during the opening, conferral and closing.  

About our new website:  Jim Lindsey has moved our site to a new location.  No more advertising around our site. Jim has become an “Official” Webmaster through the Operative WebMasons Group. New information is being added weekly.  We ever have a bio., on one of our Past Masters and his Lady. Much more will be added in the next two months. Please check it out and continue to use this great communication tool.


Congratulations!!  I have been informed Century Lodge has a member that has been nominated for the honor of the Scottish Rite 33’ degree. That Century Lodge member is Beurt R. Servaas .  Century Lodge is very proud to say Congratulations Brother Servass .

Best Fraternal summer wishes,  

Andrew R. Jackson , WM