The Tale of the Lodge Roof

In 1995, our new building was built. All shiny and new, but over time, we discovered that when it rained, the roof was having leaking problems.

When problems first arose in 2006, Br Jim Hayes offered his professional services to replace all the leaking screws with new screws and washers. This worked for awhile, but the roof joints had not been placed over the structural members. This meant that with wind and expansion the screws would loosen and the seams would open up. Water leakage caused much damage to the interior walls and ceiling.  A better solution was needed. 

In 2008, Aquaseal made us a proposal for a temporary sealing of the roof. We knew this was only a temporary solution, but it bought us time until money could be raised to replace the roof entirely.

Initial estimates put a new standing seam roof at over $40000.  Even though everyone agreed that the roof and gable ends needed replacing, this was a lot of money and more money than we had.

Many meetings saw discussions about the roof, finances and loans.  In 2011, the Lodge established the roof fund to collect the money to pay for our new roof.   Over several years, many fund raisers were held, including serving meals to the City of Cayce and Yellow Cab Company, pancake suppers, holiday BBQ sales, working at the Carolina Cup, our annual golf tournament and selling Christmas fruit baskets.

The Lodge knew that these fund raisers weren’t going to be enough, so we solicited donations from members. To honor those donations, plaques were obtained to indicate donations of $100, $250 and $500 or more.  The first donation ($1000) was made by PGM Barry Rickman and his wife Gail to start the whole process off. So many donations were received that bigger plaques had to be obtained.  The plaques currently hang in our dining area.

At last the time was right. In Nov of 2013, Br Glenn Greer presented the bids he had received from the roofing contractors. It seems that only one bid was acceptable, even though the price had risen to over $50000. At the Dec 2013 meeting, a vote was taken and the contract was approved by the membership. Work was scheduled to start in January, but was delayed by a color change, freak snow storm and a 4.1 earthquake. The work was completed in March, with a new roof that will serve us for many years to come.

main-lodge.jpg (42143 bytes)
The old Lodge roof
p34-2014011a.jpg (584587 bytes)
The crew starts stripping off the old roof
p34-2014013a.jpg (944773 bytes)
The new roof panels were made on sight from a large roll of metal
p34-2014017a.jpg (585061 bytes)
The old panels come off right before the new panels are attached

p34-photo1.jpg (224066 bytes)

The new Lodge roof almost done

p34-photo2.jpg (265077 bytes)

One more section to go. Notice the new flag pole and flag peeking over the new roof.

p34-plaques2.jpg (145593 bytes)
Plaques $100,m $250 and $500 donations