The Quarry Observer

Cayce Masonic Lodge #384 A.F.M

February 2018

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Monday, February 10th  – EA Degree

Friday, February 23rd – Pancake Fundraiser

Details and tickets included- HELP NEEDED

Monday, March 5th – Business Meeting

Monday, March 12th – EA Degree (TENTATIVE)

Monday, March 19th – FC Degree




This year is moving right along. We are making good progress so far and I appreciate everything that each of you do for Cayce Lodge. We have an EA degree coming up on the 12th of February and a FC degree on the 19th of March. Brothers it is our duty to make sure that our candidates to masonry have a wonderful and special night at each of their degrees. Please if you are able come out and support these men as they traverse through their Masonic journey.


As always if anybody needs anything don't hesitate to reach out to me and I will do my best to serve you.



Jay Greene, WM              




Last year RW Chip Simmons introduced a Traveling Setting Maul for the 8th District. The rules for claiming this Maul is simple, attendance. There are 4 different events that Cayce Lodge can claim this maul, and they are, 8th District Instructional, Grand Lodge Annual Communication, 8th District Inspirational, and the 8th District outdoor Degree. Brothers, this Setting Maul would look good sitting in our lodge for a couple of months, but we cannot get it without your help. Please plan on attending one of these events this year and help claim this maul. I


have attended all 4 of these events over the past years and have enjoyed each one.  

Fraternally yours, 

Jeff Hutchison, SW               





The year is off to a good start and February is already upon us. We will be having a EA degree on Monday the 12th. Dinner will be served at 6:45 pm. Our pancake fundraiser is the last Friday of this month and I am in need of Brothers to volunteer to work the lunch and dinner shifts. Please let me know which shift you can work. I look forward to the continued fellowship we will all have this month.


Fraternally,  Allen Broadus, JW


Friday, Feb. 23rd 11am-2pm and 5-7:30pm

Help is needed cooking, serving, cleaning up, and selling tickets!

$6.00/plate Bacon and/or Sausage,

with ALL YOU CAN EAT Pancakes.


Brothers, we need your support. Each Brother is challenged to sell, donate, and/or enjoy 10 tickets worth (enclosed) to help support Cayce Lodge. It’s a great time of fellowship, so invite any & all friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc.

Brothers- remember to sign the back of the ticket and mark ‘paid’/”unpaid”.

ANY & ALL contributions are appreciated!


To our Widows: you are invited as our guest so come enjoy a complimentary meal and if you need a ride or are unable to attend and would like a plate delivered to you please contact the Lodge (794-9543) or a Brother.


Eat-in –or—Take-out

(Delivery available limited area minimum order $60.00)

The George Washington Masonic Memorial was built in the 1920s by the more than two million American Freemasons who wished to:

“express in durability and beauty the undying esteem of the Freemasons of the United States for him in whose memory it shall stand throughout the coming years.”

Memorial in Winter

This magnificent structure is privately funded through the grateful contributions of Freemasons and others, and remains open to the public, seven days a week.

The George Washington Masonic Memorial is more than a colossal memorial and museum. It is a tourist attraction and destination; research center and library; community center; performing arts center and concert hall; banquet and celebration site; and meeting site for local and countless visiting Masonic lodges and organizations. However, first and foremost, it is a memorial to honor and perpetuate the memory, character and virtues of the man who best exemplifies what Freemasons are and ought to be, Brother George Washington.


Please help support the George Washington (February 22, 1732 – December 14, 1799) Memorial – visit:

George Washington's Masonic Apron

Two aprons of a Masonic and historic character were owned by General George Washington. One of these was brought to this country by our Masonic Brother, the Marquis de Lafayette, in 1784.

An object of his visit was to present to General Washington a beautiful white satin apron bearing the National colors, red, white and blue, and embroidered elaborately with Masonic emblems, the whole being the handiwork of Madame la Marquise de Lafayette.

This apron, according to Brother Julius F. Sachse in his book, History of Brother General Lafayette's Fraternal Connections with the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania (page 5), was enclosed in a handsome rosewood box when presented to Brother George Washington.

Another apron was presented to General Washington. This gift was also made in France and the similarity of purpose and of origin has caused some confusion as to the identity of the two aprons that happily were preserved and proudly cherished by their later owners after the death of Brother Washington.

For more information…visit:




All the Troops, the Police and Firefighters, First Responders and all others who help protect and serve us


Brother Ray Adams

Brother Dicky Adams

Cecil Amick (Brother Don Amick’s uncle)

Brad Bowen (heart)

Jerry Branham….stage 4 cancer

Brother Allen Broadus’ father (physical therapy after surgery)

John Brady

Speedy Burke

Betty Costello (Masonic Widow)

George Ellisor’s wife Ruth

Maxcy Epting and wife Jean

PM Willie Floyd and also his

daughter-in-law Pamela

PM Jay Greene

Bernice Grigsby (Masonic Widow)

Paul Guiliano

Bobby Gunter….pacemaker (Wayne Wright family)

Paul Hamelryck (prostate cancer)

PM Larry Harris

Kaitlyn Jacobs…..leukemia

Shirley Logan, widow of RWB Bill, DGM

G. Ray Marsh, PGM (surgery)

Brother Richard Merritt & wife (Brenda)

Brother Nate Meyers (health), his father and his sister

RW Brother Guy Neal…..brain tumor

Pete Olsberger  (brain cancer)

Debbie Petty (Chris Greer, PM aunt)- sinus cancer

Betty Price, our Masonic Widow

Gail Rickman (health) (also her aunt)

Mark Pridgen, PM sister Tammy Hyatt and his wife in the passing of her Mother

David Salkind…..chemo

Tony Scott’s wife Anna

Ray Sharpe (our senior PM)

Narcie Shealy is at Morningside at Lexington

Dallas Shults

Clifton Simmons & family (loss of son)

Harold Simmons and his wife, Faye

Brady Spires, cancer

RWB Dean Strickland

Brother George Sturkey’s wife Shelvie

Pat Swittenberg (Masonic Widow)

MWB Sam Tennyson            

Phil Thomson (stroke)

Clayton Thornton (Wayne Wright family)

Kevin Vann (burns) and his family

Mike Vinson

Susie Wattenbarger (Masonic Widow)


Please help us keep this list updated by contacting the Lodge; any officer or brother; or by e-mail: