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Cayce Masonic Lodge #384 A.F.M

June 2018

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Monday, June 25th  – MM Degree


Monday, July 2nd  – Business Meeting



This year is cruising right along. We are getting a lot accomplished and I'm excited for the future of Cayce Lodge. Please come out Monday June 25th and help welcome a newly made Master Mason to our fraternity. I look forward to seeing everyone.


Please let me know if I can do anything for you.


Fraternally yours,

Jay Greene, WM   




We are starting to plan for our annual BBQ fund raiser that will be held on 8/31/18. We will start preparing and cooking on 8/30/18. Brothers, we are asking for people to make donations of needed supplies to support this fund raiser. Please get with one of the officers if you would like to make a donation.

We will be having a Master’s Degree on June 25, please come and support our brother on his masonic journey.

Fraternally yours, 

Jeff Hutchison, SW               


Saint John the Baptist Day, Duality in One. June 24th   The Saint’s Johns appear to Freemasons in several places in our catechisms. Their proximity and use in our rituals have been questioned for many years as to their use and placement. Looked at together, St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist serve to represent the balance in Masonry between zeal for the fraternity and learned equilibrium. The Saints John, stand in perfect parallel harmony representing that balance.

From a historical approach, The Saint John’s festival is said to be a widely celebrated Masonic holiday. Traditionally June 24th (or the summer Solstice) is taken to be John the Baptist’s day, which is celebrated in many cultures around the world. According to McCoy’s Masonic Dictionary, the Festival of St. John in summer is a duty of every Mason to participate in, and should serve to be a renewal and strengthening of fraternal ties and a celebration of Masonry from “olden-times”. It functions as a connection between the past and the future.

The festival, to non-Masons, has been called the “Setting of the Watch”, where ceremonial bonfires were lit after sunset.

 Tradition says that men, women, and children would jump through the fires for luck. Across Europe, this holiday is celebrated in many ways. With oak wreath crowns, wild flowers and birch branches. Families would feast and celebrate in union. The meanings of these ancient traditions are lost today on our society, but the link was made at some point to John the Baptist. The On-line Catholic Encyclopedia points to the birth of John the Baptist as 6 months before Christ, placing him on the summer solstice. It is thought that these festivals have been linked in character and content with the birth of John the Baptist.

From the Masonic perspective we are given the balanced dualism of John the Baptist on one side and John the Evangelist on the other. Represented together this way represent the balance of passionate zeal with and learned knowledge of faith forming a space to reflect on to and channel our passion as well as our education/knowledge. Individually strong, together they stand as a harnessed focus of zeal and knowledge. This counterpoint is not just necessary to Freemasonry but can be applied to all areas of life. Taken as an abstract compilation of symbols, together they represent a well-balanced path towards enlightenment.

The two dualistic figures as one, the Holy Saints John, balance each other in the Masonic year, but also in other areas too. One unique aspect that I found is in the application of the Alchemical symbols of fire and water. Alchemy has long been thought of as an early component of Freemasonry and using the alchemical symbols here may help the representations of the Saint John’s look more familiar. Saint John the Baptist, represented as the inverted pyramid, the Alchemical sign for water, representing the spiritual and emotional love. St. John the Evangelist, represented as the pyramid pointing up symbolizing fire that is the drive and will of action. When placed together, they symbolize the perfect balance of darkness and light, life and death, passion and constraint, will and emotion, winter and summer. Together both represent the interlocked star of Solomon, or the Square and Compass. This is an entirely open analysis, and made for the purposes of comparison, but it does offer a unique analysis of the juxtaposition of the Holy Saints John.

In looking toward the future, St. John the Baptist Day is an appropriate day for Freemasons, as it is a good day to come together and reflect in out past and in our future. It stands to remind us, not just of our past, but also of a recommitment of our circumscribed passions. In all of our time they’re as a fraternity, union celebrations such as this one help us to reaffirm our ties that bind. Whether those ties be the bindings of fraternity or the familiarity of institution, we should remember the Holy Saints John’s, not just in our sacred Jerusalem’s but together in brotherhood.


Source: This article is an intrepretation and based on a lecture presented by Ken Kolchier, Chaplin, Hollywood/West Valley #355


Cayce Lodge offers deepest sympathy to the family of 50+ year life member Brother Ray Adams (especially his widow Carolyn) in his passing to the Celestial Lodge above.




All the Troops, the Police and Firefighters, First Responders and all others who help protect and serve us


Julian Bevel

Andrew Bigony

Brad Bowen (heart)

Jerry Branham….stage 4 cancer

Brother Allen Broadus’ father

John Brady

Speedy Burke

Betty Costello (Masonic Widow)

George Ellisor’s wife Ruth

Scottie Evans (recovering)

PM Willie Floyd and also his

daughter-in-law Pamela

Bernice Grigsby (Masonic Widow)

Gene Grigsby (surgery/recovery)

Paul Guiliano

Bobby Gunter….pacemaker (Wayne Wright family)

Paul Hamelryck (prostate cancer)

PM Larry Harris

Kaitlyn Jacobs…..leukemia

Shirley Logan, widow of RWB Bill, DGM

G. Ray Marsh, PGM (surgery)

Brother Richard Merritt & wife (Brenda)

Brother Nate Meyers (health)

Brother Loy Miller’s wife

RW Brother Guy Neal…..brain tumor

Pete Olsberger  (brain cancer)

Debbie Petty (Chris Greer, PM aunt)- sinus cancer

Betty Price, our Masonic Widow

MW Bro Barry Rickman’s wife Gail, also his granddaughter Breanna Mack (health)

Mark Pridgen, PM sister Tammy Hyatt

David Salkind…..chemo

Tony Scott’s wife Anna

Ray Sharpe (our senior PM)

Narcie Shealy is at Morningside at Lexington

Dallas Shults

Harold Simmons and his wife, Faye

Jason Simpson’s family (death of father)

Brady Spires, cancer

RWB Dean Strickland

Brother George Sturkey’s wife Shelvie

Pat Swittenberg (Masonic Widow)

MWB Sam Tennyson            

Phil Thomson (stroke)

Clayton Thornton (Wayne Wright family)

Kevin Vann (burns) and his family

Mike Vinson

Susie Wattenbarger (Masonic Widow)


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