Color Guard

The parade enters the Oxford Home for Children grounds

Sudan and Oasis Gators

Members of the Sudan Gator Patrol posing with members of the Oasis Gator Patrol (in yellow shirts)

Club Presidents

Sudan Gator and Oasis Gator Presidents together

Hickory #343 Lodge Master

Dr. Grimes Byerly, WM of Hickory Lodge #343 taking a rest on a Gator

Lined Up!

Gators in dress-right-dress formation ready to parade

Here come the clowns

Larry Huffman and grandchild greeting the clowns

High Fives!

A clown stopping to give high fives to the children

Gators on parade

The Gator Patrol as they cruise down the main entrance

Knights Templar

Commandry parade unit arriving at the orphanage

More Clowns

Beach Bum clown showing off his "shark"


Meeting and greeting the kids

Clowning around

Another clown stops to say hello

Daddy Mac

Handing out beads

Oasis Color Guard

Flags are a flying!


Ill. Sir Gary Taylor arriving on campus in style


Enjoying good seats and fellowship

What a site, uh?

Gator Patrol rolling down main street

What is this?

A Gator Patrol member is pulling the Oasis Band float.

Main Street

There they go

Gator Patrol

Members of the Gator Patrol posing at the administration building

Corner Stone

Orphanage corner stone plaque