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Michael F. Wheeler

Are you a brother or a bother?

Do you promote the Fraternity or do you work to tear it down?

Are you a Mason who propounds brotherhood or are you a member for your own self aggrandizement?

Are you a man of integrity that abides by your word or are you a man you responds to vagaries of the wind and flip flops like a fish out of water?

Are your judgments sound, decisive, and grounded in fact or are they based on friendship, bias, or other external pressures?

Do you meet a problem head on, collecting the data, analyzing the information, and making a fair decision in a timely manner or do you pull blinders over your eyes and hope that it will go away?

Do you advance the reputation of Masonry or do you publicly criticize other brothers or lodges?

Do you go out of your way to help a brother or do you step back and delight in his difficulties?

Do you attend lodge and its functions or is paying your dues and wearing the ring enough?

Consider the above questions. Really think about the answers. What kind of Mason are you? "My" conclusion is: A good man makes a good Mason and a good Mason makes a good man. Think about it!

I sincerely hope to see you in Lodge.

Michael F. Wheeler, W.M.