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God Bless America

Stated Meetings of Enoch T. Carson Lodge are on the first Friday of each month at 8:00 PM except August. Candidate examinations begin at 7:30 PM. Special meetings will occur as announced by the Master. Stay posted to The Trestleboard for announcements of special activities for the entire family.


 Note that the ET Carson Lodge calendar and the Carson Temple calendar are both linked off of our web site. Check out the upcoming dates. Technical issues with the page have been fixed and updates should now be visible to everyone. Report any issues to the Carson Web Master (see email address on lower left).


Brethren, the Carson Craft Team is looking for new members. There are parts for anyone who wants to participate in the Master Mason Degree, and perpetuate a long tradition in the Lodge. If you want a speaking part, a small speaking part, just floor work, or to help with costumes and props, please call or email. If all else fails, show up at any stated meeting or degree night.
Mike Bartholomew
Craft Team Captain


If any brother knows of anyone who is  ill please contact me. Brothers to keep in your prayers:

Gene Kestler, PM; Nate Dennison; Benjamin A. Harthaway; Captain Ray Edwards

January 16th at 7:30 PM - Fellow Craft Degree
January 23rd at 7:30 PM - Master Mason Degree


There will be a one-day class on June 13th, 2009. If you know anyone interested please contact the Secretary for a petition. All petitions must be in and voted on by March 23rd, 2009.
On March 21st, 2009 there will be an Open Hose of all Masonic Lodges.


Carson Lodge took home the FMDOA Traveling trophy again. Come on out and help defend it.

On March 20th we will have our annual Inspection and it will be in the Master Mason Degree. Dinner at 6:00 PM, Lodge will open 7:00 PM. COME OUT AND SUPPORT YOUR OFFICERS AND THE LODGE.

Any prothers interested in becoming a funeral chaplain please contact the Secretary at 741-3040.

If you are moving notify the Secretary so that he can make the proper changes. This will ensure that you will continue to receive The Trestleboard and dues information.

2007 Officers

Worshipful Master        Billy Ray Robinson 

Senior Warden             Del Tope, Jr.

Junior Warden              Mike Bartholomew

Treasurer                     Edward R. Hess, P. M.

Secretary                     Fred R. Gaviglia, P. M.

Senior Deacon              Ronald C. Hart, Jr.

Junior Deacon              Charles David Jameson

Lodge Marshal             Michael H. Wagner  

Senior Steward            Thomas P. Peck    

Junior Steward             Arthur Flowers   

Preparation Steward     Joseph Witham

Tyler                            Robert A. Wilmer    

Chaplain                       Irwin P. Bassler, P. M.

Lodge Musician            Dwight Moorhead 

Lodge Education Officer  Ronald C. Hart, Sr., P.M.

Memorial Fund Chairman Gary W. Troha, P.M.

Craft Team Captain          Mike Bartholomew


Trustees (year term expires)

Bruce Rose, PM (2010)

Chris Wiedamann (2011)

Jim Campbell, PM (2012)

Dennis Shelton, PM (2013)

Dick Manifold, PM (2014)

Funeral Chaplains

Fred Gaviglia, PM

Gene Kestler, PM

Irwin P. Bassler, PM

Del Tope, Jr.




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